Democrat leaders are already plotting their next attempt to use the #Coronavirus pandemic for political gain.

Coronavirus package has $400 million to help states beef up mail-in voting

As the COVID-19 pandemic is forcing Americans to shelter at home amid an election year, the government is ready to help states beef up mail-in voting with additional funds. Check out how the coronavirus stimulus package is set to make voting safer for all. Get all the latest news on coronavirus and more delivered daily to your inbox.  Sign up here. After failing with their first left-wing laundry list disguised as coronavirus relief, Democratic leaders are already plotting their next attempt to use the pandemic for political gain. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and former Vice President Joe Biden say we must throw election integrity to the wayside in favor of an all-mail election, fundamentally changing how Americans vote in eight months. The overhaul would vastly expand opportunities for fraud and weaken confidence in our elections, but all Washington Democrats see is a potential benefit for the…

Police detains Naira Marley over Funke Akindele’s house party

Nigerian Police Force has detained controversial hip-hop artiste, Azeez Fashola a.k.a Naira Marley, for contravening the lockdown order imposed on Lagos State by President Muhammadu Buhari to stop the spread of coronavirus in the country.
Police spokesman in Lagos Bala Elkana in a statement said Naira Marley “will also be charged to Court for violating the restriction orders.”
“The Command has launched a manhunt for the remaining persons who attended the party.”
Nollywood star Funke Akindele over the weekend hosted a crowd of more than 20 people, despite the lock-down in the state, to celebrate her husband Abdul Rasheed Bello – popularly known as JJC Skillz.
She was arrested on Sunday and was subsequently charged to court with her husband on Monday.
The court found them guilty and convicted them.
The Court charged them to pay a fine of 100,000 each, sentenced to 14 days community service, three hours per day, excluding Saturday and Sunday.
Each Defender shall visit 10 …

A rough road ahead for Nigeria

Africa’s giant, Nigeria, is awakening to a new economic and social reality as a result of the coronavirus crisis. The country of two hundred million has already recorded over fifty cases and its first COVID-related death. News of high-profile infectees is starting to drive social change and spur calls for stronger government action. Members of parliament and other elite figures are facing public pressure, particularly on social media, to adhere to screening and self-quarantine policies to stem the spread of COVID-19. Mohammed Atiku Abubakar, the son of President Buhari’s opponent in the 2019 election, has been said to be infected with the coronavirus. So is President Buhari’s chief of staff and the governor of Bauchi state.
Nigeria is Africa’s largest oil exporter, and a drop in oil prices to the lowest point in eighteen years has eviscerated government coffers. The Buhari administration had benchmarked the 2020 national budget at $57 per barrel, and sustained prices below…

China Wants to Use the Coronavirus to Take Over the World

What started as a catastrophe for China is shaping up to be a moment of strategic opportunity, a rare turning point in the flow of history. Suddenly, the protests in Hong Kong, carrying a mortal threat to political stability in the mainland, became a physical impossibility. More important, the pandemic set in motion a global competition, to contain the virus, for which China and the Chinese Communist Party seem uniquely prepared.
As the virus spread to the whole world, it became apparent that Western societies — Beijing’s true rivals — did not have the ability to quickly organize every citizen around a single goal. As opposed to China, which remains to a large extent a revolutionary society, their political systems were built for normal times. Chinese society is a mobilized army, which can quickly drop everything else and march in one direction.
Mao once said, “Everything under heaven is in utter chaos, the situation is excellent.” And so it seems at present, as seen fr…

Up to 20 Malian soldiers killed in attack on military base

At least 20 Malian soldiers have been killed in an armed attack, local politicians and a military official said, in the latest bout of violence in the West African nation.
Fighters attacked a military base in the northern town of Bamba early on Monday morning, according to a local government official, who called the assailants "terrorists".
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Another local official gave a similar account, explaining that the fighters arrived on motorbikes and in cars. "Investigations are still ongoing on the ground because the death toll must be higher than the 20 deaths announced," the official told AFP news agency.
Mali has been struggling to contain an armed rebellion that first broke out in the north in 2012, and which has since spread to the centre of the country and to neighbouring Burkina Faso and Niger.
Thousands of Malian soldiers and civilians have died in the …

Funke Akindele, husband to serve 14 days community service

Funke Akindele Bello and her husband Abdulrasheed Bello have been sentenced to 14 days community service. had earlier reportedhow the celebrity couple pleaded guilty to violating a government lockdown.
They were arraigned at the Chief Magistrate Court 1 in Ogba, Lagos, on one count charge on Monday.
They were brought to court by detectives from the State Criminal Investigation Department, Yaba, led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police in charge of investigation, Yetunde Longe.
The prosecuting team was lead by the Attorney General of Lagos State, Moyosore Onigbanjo.
The charge was read to the accused persons by the court clerk after which they pleaded guilty.
The magistrate found them guilty as charged and sentenced as follows: The defendants are to pay a fine of 100,000 each, sentenced to 14 days community service, three hours per day, excluding Saturday and Sunday.
Each defendant shall visit 10 important public places within Lagos State to educate the public o…

The Killing of Christians in Nigeria

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