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  PREPOSITIONS. The position occupied by prepositions in sentences and the various roles they play in uniting words place them at a staking position that prepositions are nearly unavoidable in the formation of sentences. This staking role is specifically in its ability to create a link, relate or unify words in a sentence. Without the preposition, many sentences may hardly be complete or meaningful. Example: - The man – the bus. - Emeka is – the house. Sentences of this structure cannot assert a complete meaning without a preposition. The only sentence that can survive the absence of a preposition is a simple sentence composed of the apt SVO structure. Examples: - The man died → SV                                                                                              - John saw the lion → SVO - Emma is eating yam → SVO.
Apart from the above examples and their kinds, any sentence that exceeds SVO immediately faces the prejudice of prepositions. From the above conditions, we can explain …