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Reconciling Asadu and the Nsukka History of Origin - Onyeji Nnaji

S ometimes I find it very difficult to understand what could be the reason behind certain characters found among scholars, especially scholars of history in Africa. Every history scholar who had written in the 1980s and yonder had this character of repudiating every view that suggests that his language and cultural group could originate from among another African settlement. That is why a Yoruba man, after listening to his oral tradition , would still say they originated from one unknown place in the middle east. The same thing applies to the Benin who knew that it was Eze Nri who used to coronate Oba of Benin, yet they claim Egypt origin and elsewhere different from Igboland. In this essay I shall lead our readers through different hidden information about Ndigbo and then clarify issue concerning Asadu and the Nsukka Origin. One thing I found in my study of prehistory is an unexplainable disdainful consideration of the Igbo race by both the Igbo themselves and the race of people arou

Origin of the Anioma People - Onyeji Nnaji

Including Ahaba, popularly called Asaba, Anioma people are all the Igbo speaking people in Delta State, Nigeria. They are made up of communities which span across 9 Local government areas and speak different varieties of the Igbo language. Their distinct languages includes the Enuani language, Ukwuani language, and the Ika-Ibo language. The farther you go away from Onitcha after the Niger bridge and heading towards Agbor and Benin city, the deeper the dialect. For it is evident that the more interrelated and geographically connected to people in the boundary is the more one's language is being influenced.  This goes the far to explain, without recourse, how the culture that patterns the human language is being influenced by the things that comprised the cultural environment. One finds this prominent in the differences among the variety of the Igbo version spoken by the different Anioma communities. For the more the distance away from Igboland is the more adultrated their dialects b

How Many People Survived Noah Flood? - Onyeji Nnaji

One big mistake any writer will regrettably make is to tell a single story . The danger is that it usually leaves certain gaps that inspire people to ask questions. For instance, any good reader, reading Genesis chapter four would certainly come out with such questions as: i)  Who was Cain afraid of, if only his parents were on earth the period he killed his brother ? ii) Why did God reply Cain the way He did? iii) Does it mean that there were people elsewhere? iv) Who were the occupants of Nod(o); the city Cain moved towards when he left God's presence? V) Which nation or people gave birth to "Ada", the girl who was married to Cain's grandson? These questions do not mean that the creation story found in genesis is untrue. No; what these questions should let us understand is that Moses had just rendered one of the versions of the creation story. The only problem with Moses acount is that he traced only his linage; then, getting to Adam, he concluded that Adam was

Origin of the Tiv - Onyeji Nnaji

If nothing attracts any prim historian towards the history of the Tivs, the desire to know how we entered into this contraption called Nigeria with the unfriendly Fulanis will. My sensation has not left me to hastily forget that it was the Tiv who held the Danfodio led Fulani jihadists from descending to the east those early days of Fulani infiltrating history. The Tiv were storng people who had fought many wars as they journied to their present home in the Benue basin. The earliest recorded European contact with the Tiv was in 1852, when Tiv were found on the banks of the Benue. Before the appearance of the Europeans to the area, the Tivs had been in a heavy war with the Fulani. The Fulanu warriors who came from Fouta Djallon, under the command of Osman Dan Fodio, enter the northern part of Nigeria. They conquered the Hausa, superimposing Islamic religion on the Hausans. After that, they matched southward and were waged by the Tiv warriors. This situation was a very big setback to the