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ETHIOPIA HISTORY & ORIGIN            (Extracted from the book, Reality as Myth) BY ONYEJI NNAJI

Those piles of ruins which you see in that narrow valley watered by the Nile, are the remains of opulent cities, the pride of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia. ... There a people, now forgotten, discovered while others were yet barbarians, the elements of the arts and sciences. A race of men now rejected from society for their sable skin and frizzled hair, founded on the study of the laws of nature, those civil and religious systems which still govern the universe(Count Volney). Because of the position of Ethiopia in the Bible story as one remarkable black nation with ancient history, it becomes almost impossible to see any other nation as being of more ancient than Ethiopia. Ethiopia suddenly became the yardstick for the analysis of the Negro race. And with the influence of Christianity in the inner part of Africa, the adherents were provided with bold pictures of the cradle of the human race…


EGYPT History, Foundation & The Home of Osiris                      By Onyeji Nnaji

The civilization of ancient Egypt became very relevant among other reasons by its attempts to reunite the sole races of the entire human population by creating a link for the first meeting of these different races for the first time after the deluge. Egyptian civilization was the reason for the Black to meet with their western brethren, the Arabs; who had been paddled away into a distant land in the days of the Noah’s flood. This reunion made Egypt more influential and more prominent among all the nations in the African continent. Ethiopia, of course, should wear this colossal prominence among the nations in the Black world because of their earliest involvement with the populations on the other shore of the Red Sea, but the earliest population of Ethiopia was rather amorous and self-conscious; sharing union just for business sake. We may however say that Egypt made this prominence due to providence,…