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Pennsylvania Mail-In Ballot Ruling Could Cause 100,000 Ballots To Be Rejected, Official Warns

Mail-in primary election ballots are processed in[+]ASSOCIATED PRESS A Pennsylvania election official said Monday that the state’s recent ruling governing so-called “naked ballots”—mandating that any ballots that arrive without a proper envelope must be discounted—could cause more than 100,000 mail-in ballots to be rejected statewide and could swing the presidential election because of the Pennsylvania’s key role as a swing state.The Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling declared that mail-in ballots cannot be counted if they’re returned without a secrecy envelope, an extra envelope that the ballot goes in before it is placed in a larger mailing envelope. The ruling was a win for the Trump campaign and Republican Party in their broader legal effort against mail-in voting rules, as they claim that ballots returned without the envelope will display personal voter information and be more susceptible to voter fraud.

Brazil Suspends 2021 Carnival due to Covid-19 Return

The 2021 Rio Carnival will be postponed because of the coronavirus. The event last took place in February [Mauro Pimentel/AFP]Rio de Janeiro’s world-famous carnival parade has been postponed, the samba schools that organise the event announced on Thursday, as the country grapples with the second-deadliest coronavirus outbreak in the world.Samba schools in Rio de Janeiro announced they would delay the February 2021 Carnival because of COVID-19, and said it would probably not take place until a vaccine was found.“We came to the conclusion that the event had to be postponed,” said Jorge Castanheira, the president of the group that organises the annual parades, the Independent League of Rio de Janeiro Samba Schools (LIESA).“It’s increasingly difficult to have Carnival without a vaccine. There is no way to have Carnival without safety.”Brazil is dealing with the world’s worst outbreak of COVID-19 after the United States, and the Rio Carnival would pose a huge risk: an extended festival of …