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SUBSURFACE MORPHOLOGY AND GEOARCHAEOLOGY REVEALED  BY SPACEBORNE AND AIRBORNE RADAR Copyright ©1986 James J. Hurtak, Ph.D. AFFS Corporation, Los Gatos, CA 95031 USA ABSTRACT The shuttle imaging radar (SIR-A) carried on the Space Shuttle Columbia (November 1981) penetrated the dry Selima Sand Sheet, subsurface valleys and arid desert wastelands of the eastern Sahara, revealing previously unknown buried valleys and channels, unusual geologic structures, and possible Stone Age occupation sites, not detectable by Landsat. The calculated depth of radar penetration of dry sand and granules, based on laboratory measurements of the electrical properties of samples from the area extends, in some instances, to a depth of 6 meters. Field studies in Egypt verified SIR-A signal penetration depths of at least 1 meter in the Selima Sand Sheet and in drift sand and several meters in sand dunes. Subsurface findings at various locations from Kom Ombo to the Chad-Sudanese border

The Meaning of "5" in the Igbo Cosmology - Onyeji Nnaji

Copied from: Cosmic Chain by Onyeji Nnaji I n the Igbo cosmology, the word Isee is a definite symbolic word as revealed through the Igbo language and culture. A human being has five fingers, five toes. The hands and feet are fundamentals to the survival in life as they are necessary in ensuring that man moves to places where he gets food and grapples on the food to sustain his life. To this view, the rhetoric that binds vocatives in the form of incantation (anchoring on the heart-lock: four ) and the concomitant reprisal in the manner of affirmation that holds the human life bind to his original spiritual person, therefore defining existence and essences are unified by the corresponding echo: Isee!!!!!  Therefore it stands that anytime a prayer is said in the Igbo land, the attendants who would want the fulfillment of the prayer unanimously affirmed the prayer by saying Isee! Five then becomes the language of the spirit, the language of the creator that indicates agreement to, no