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Your partner is your inmate, your best friend, your age mate and your own body; treat them as unto yourself. Men and women are at an emotional stalemate (Jordan Gray).
I wish all fans well and happy long-stay all this long that I was on a seeming sabbatical leave. I thank God for the understanding and the compromise I finally reached with administrator. My sudden brake was orchestrated by a little misconception about the images I used in my publications here. You know Africa is still dogmatic and relatively stricter to sex education. Here in the US, we are free to whatever discourse pleasurable or targeted towards developing lives. God’s grace, I have made him understand that this page, Marriage in is strictly for couples. The reason why porn sites are most viewed is because it contains pictures and videos that make teaching more empirical than theoretical. That is what I am trying to do here. For as little as I know about education, I did know that physical pictures create cognitive imagery that lasts longer than mere prints. I have finally agreed to publish with the tag, strictly for couples, and appending my name at the end of each post.    

                     : Show him what he looks out for fromother women.
                     : Teach him like he knows nothing.  
I believe we’ve learnt a few things from the series published earlier.  If so then the series will benefit you if you can add this to what you have got earlier. Games are natural sports created with the intention to arouse interest in the participants first, then the audience. Games are played for gain; it is also played for excitement. Above all these, when we play games we unequivocally regain more strength, energy and improve the rate of transportations in our body. This transportation could be in the form of body metabolism or increase of our respiration and blood circulation. Not all games supply our body with all these at the same time. Yet there are some sports that are equipped with all these functions. Sports like race, volleyball, basketball and football are good examples of the games equipped with due body transportations. They are classified as total sports because they involve all parts of the body. Sex too is a good example of an all-body-parts activity. Above all these, sex is even more cognitive.

The type of game needed to spice up your love is particularly indoor games such as ludo game, woth, scrabble etc. To play a naked game with your partner, you should be sure that you are all alone and that the door is well slammed for couples living in public settings.  Whichever game you know both and could play well to spore competition is encouraged and, of course, recommended. In my home we use woth because it is faster to end. Already you are both dressed up before the game, it should be noted and agreed upon that whoever wins decides the best way to punish the one that lose. There is no stricter punishment, no harmful agreement; it should be understood that you are intending to arrive at something helpful to your interest. Take the series of pictures shown below in the various steps to understand how this process works. The pictures are selected randomly; they do not belong to a couple.

Note: The reason for this approach is that either of the couple finds it difficult to tell the other his feelings for sex. Trying this game style will be incomparably helpful.

Step one: The rule of the game is that anybody that loses each round will remove one of his cloths. The couple begins their game with cloths on each person’s body.

Step two: In the first round of play, the game ended without anyone losing. Each of the couple had to say what they wanted the other to do. Unanimously, they agreed that each person should remove their shirt. The picture of this round is below:

Step three: The second round resumed and the wife fortunately won. She made has demand and the man had to remove his trouser. Picture is below:

Step four: The game resumed again for the third round. The game ended in draw and both partners removed their cloths. Picture is below:

Step five: The game suddenly ended for the fourth round. Here again the wife won and it was in her place to place demand. Being lost in the sensation within her that showed up on her organ with a milky slick, she did not hesitate to ask the husband to such her vulva. Picture is below:

At this point the game was over. The couple was rather left to follow their heart-felt lust for each other. The man had opened the way by sucking her vulva and she would not let the sensation end there. She rather reciprocated by sucking the man’s penis. Picture is below:

She did not end there. To further move the man to action, she brought his penis to her clitoris.

At this point the man was not expected to be told what the time was on the face of the clock. Intuition should tell him now that the woman had done everything on her on part by leading the way first. His then was to launch the attack of reciprocating. Picture is shown below:

Read the scriptural passage below and see my comment beneath:

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God (2 Cor 1:3-4 NIV).
God is faithful who allows us to the temptations that are commensurate with our faith sometimes. You need to have family crisis; at least a little of it. When this happens you will see reasons to value what you have as a partner. Never did I believe that I shall find myself discussing marital issues until I became yoked to a man who does not know what sex is all about, let alone saying he feels a woman. I have discussed this in the introduction; Five Ways a Woman could keep her Husband within her Laps. It was this scripture that made me know that I was made to marry my dear husband for a reason. My experience equally told me that many a woman had left their partners and resorted to divorce because of certain problems they met in their marital home.

Of the much I learnt, one thing remains paramount; you cannot have the perfect home you did not build. Reliance on already made home breaks ones bones beyond fixing anytime a little problem hits. May the blessed Lord guide you aright as you try to keep your family in Jesus name!

!!!! See also step four: Learn to Packageyourself.


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