Change America, or Keep America Great

Change America, or Keep America GreatSen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., wants to start with Georgia, in his quest to "change America." (Getty Images)

As a naturalized American refugee who experienced the fraud of the Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party in Iraq, I find it very hard to witness the likes of Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., announcing, "Now we take Georgia and then we change America." If they "take Georgia," Democrats will try to "change America" into a socialist nation.

The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party – Iraq Region, also known as the Iraqi Ba'athist political party was founded in 1951. It was the Iraqi branch of the original Ba'ath Party before changing its allegiance to the Iraqi-dominated Ba'ath movement following the 1966 split within the original party.

Saddam Hussein led the Ba'ath Party for three decades. Under the Ba'ath Party, one could not reach high positions in the government, or in certain schools, without becoming a party member.

The Ba'ath Party was officially banned in Iraq following the Operation Iraqi freedom in 2003.

Growing up in Iraq, I personally witnessed the corruption of the Ba'ath Party. This experience helped to raise general awareness into my perspective towards socialism. That perspective now allows me to visualize to what socialism in America could eventually lead.

The Arab Socialist Ba'ath Party in Iraq and its socialist agenda empowered Saddam Hussein's dictatorship rule over the country and its economy.

Education was "free," but there were continuous problems of lack of employment opportunities. Many highly educated men and women could not find jobs that suited their degrees. They would graduate from university knowing that there will be no jobs for them. University-educated men ended up jobless; some became taxi drivers or construction workers. Likewise, university-educated women ended up, against their will, sitting home as housewives.

Economically, as I have witnessed in Iraq, a socialist system can produce some relief for some people over a limited period of time. In the end, however, socialism's collapse is inevitable.

Many immigrants, like me, came to America to escape socialism. I wonder now if the socialist agenda of radical Democrats in Congress forces its way to "change America," are we going to witness American immigrants escaping this country? Will we be witness to parents seeking a better education system for their children somewhere else?

America has always been a great attraction for students from all over the world. Does Sen. Schumer's promise to "change America" mean a change to our elite educational institutions. Are we witnessing the "canceling" of American history and culture? What about our Constitution itself? Will that become a mere relic of American history?

Will the Thanksgiving holiday likewise be "canceled" as part of the cancel culture promoted to socialists?

Speaking as an immigrant from a socialist country, one of the most valuable traditions in America is our Thanksgiving national holiday. It is a traditional American family gathering, bringing together family members around their dinner table to celebrate their turkey feast, along with other traditional American dishes, and expressing their gratitude to Almighty God for their many blessings, especially for life and family.

There is great value for American families, particularly for our immigrants, when celebrating our Thanksgiving holiday along with our American culture. Although each American family may have its own cultural nuances to add when celebrating our shared American culture, our children grow up appreciating both their own family culture and our shared American culture through celebration of Thanksgiving Day.

The unifying beauty of the American Thanksgiving holiday has been planted in the hearts of our children for generations. Through the Thanksgiving experience, our children learn with each other what they as adults will later profoundly sense as the American spirit of unity.

The essence of patriotism is rooted not in socialism, but rather in the unifying core American values described in our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights.

My refugee family and I have celebrated Thanksgiving Day every year since we came to America in 2008. We enjoy our family gathering, share food and tell stories to our children about how our life was in Iraq, how we came to America, and especially about why we are so grateful to be naturalized citizens of this great nation.

At the Thanksgiving table this year, we shared more stories and laughter. Our children laugh at our American accents, as much as we laugh at their Arabic accents.

We also listen, of course, to our children and to their stories from school. We even ask our children to educate us more about American history and about our founding documents. Thank God they are still learning about these things in school.

The stronger the forces are who want to "change America" and cancel our culture, the greater the need to educate ourselves and our children about, and to celebrate, our American history and culture. We need to fight to keep America great, and to thank God for our many blessings.

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