Trump: 'The Crime of the Century Is Being Fully Exposed'

A rallygoer at the Turning Point USA Trump rally Saturday night
A rallygoer at the Turning Point Action conference Saturday night in Phoenix, Arizona. (Scott Jones/Newsmax)

Delivering a speech on election integrity in the battleground state of Arizona amid a forensic audit, former President Donald Trump told supporters Democrats cannot "win elections without cheating; there's no way."

"The preliminary numbers are a total disaster, and we're going to go over those numbers," Trump said Saturday night at the Turning Point Action conference in Phoenix, Arizona, which aired live on Newsmax.

"The facts are coming out. The truth is being uncovered and the crime of the century is being fully exposed."

Turning Point USA, hosting the event, is a young conservative group.

"We will fight for truth, transparency and accountability, and we will not stop until we have restore out American birthright of honest, free and fair elections," Trump's speech began.

"You are the pulse of our movement. So true, and you are the ones who will Make America Great Again.

"We're gathered here in Phoenix to show our support for election integrity and for the brave and unyielding conservative warriors in the Arizona state Senate."

Trump praised Arizona GOP chairwoman Kelli Ward for her election integrity efforts, ripping Arizona GOP Gov. Doug Ducey.

"She is she's really a fighter, and she fights your governor who doesn't do a damn thing," Trump said. "I mean, she's fighting. He doesn't do a damn thing.

"I called up, Kelli recently, I said, 'why wouldn't the governor want a an audit?' Maybe everything will prove to be correct, which we know won't happen."

"Why wouldn't somebody want election integrity? Why wouldn't they want to know? And I would be very happy – won't happen – but I would be very happy if they did it and everything was perfect. But you're not going to find that."

Trump picked up his rebuke of the mail-in ballot boxes that were disproportionately used in Democrat strongholds throughout the country in the 2020 presidential election under the guise of COVID-19, and in many cases not approved by the state legislatures.

"How about those drop boxes," Trump said. "Where they were coming in? And Biden was getting 97% of the vote? No, I don't think so."

Trump outlined many of the audit allegations of examples of election fraud, or at least irregularities that require answers and information from Maricopa County, Arizona.

"When you think about the corruptness, why don't these people want to find out the truth?" Trump asked. "The citizens of America deserve answers. We're talking about America. You know, we're not talking about Arizona anymore. We're talking about the United States of America."

"It's no wonder that Joe Biden in the radical Democrats are going absolutely crazy, screaming about voting rights, ranting about democracy. They want democracy. And resisting every effort to look into the massive fraud in 2020.

"Just so you understand, you know, we talk about cancel culture. The biggest thing that they want canceled is they don't want you talking about the election that just took place because they say, 'holy sh*t, they caught us.'"

Trump said the Democrats are more than moving to socialism with their massive spending and support for Marxists like Black Lives Matter.

"We are at the beginning of a communist system," Trump said. "Radicals are seizing power and destroying everything we hold dear as Americans, and it's happening, and I said it was going to happen.

"They dismantled the rule of law, censor speech, take over the free press, imprison political opponents – you see that's happening all over; look at what I've been through for years – and, of course, hold fake phony elections.

"It was recently revealed that during the hand recount in Fulton County [Georgia], Joe Biden had batches of ballots go for him: 100% for Biden, nothing for Trump. I got nothing. You get nothing. Give me a one vote. One vote. Even Fidel Castro only got 99%, OK?"

Trump hailed his raucous crowd, MAGA strength and resolve at the end of his near two-hour speech to the Turning Point USA.

"Our movement is driven by a love for America and an ironclad faith in the American people," Trump said. "I have that faith, and you have that faith, we are not fighting for socialism, communism. We're not fighting for servitude; we're fighting for God, for country, and we're fighting for freedom.

"We know in our veins that our American inheritance was passed down to us by generations of patriots who gave everything they had: Their sweat, their blood and even their very lives to build America into the most powerful nation in the history of the world

"And we are not going to let it be taken away from us by a small group of radical left Marxist maniacs.

"So my fellow Americans, our movement is the greatest in American history. There has never been a movement like we have had."


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