My Letter of Advice to the DOS - Onyeji Nnaji


In the same manner as I dropped a note for our sister, Dr. Nelly Ofoegbu previously, I am pleased to do same to the Director of States. There is need for us to collectively recollect ourselves for the danger ahead. We cannot fight in division to achieve this great goal. 

Dear Members of the DOS,

One characteristic of any organization promising to be sustainable is it's constituent structure. By structure, we look towards such a stratified wholeness that is highly hierarchical. For there must be a head, it's supporting neck and the body on which supporting hands and legs are firmly affixed. All these put together constitute the structure upon which every viable organization stands. For the nation, Biafra, at present, the IPOB Director of States has remained the formidable body for the new nation's structure. For this sole reason, I ascribe to them my irreversible respect.

I commend and respect the DOS because they are doing the job I do not have the capacity for. For as we are individually created, our callings differ from one another. As the voice of the ancestors, I have my own office, dignified and focused towards the restoration of our lost values via our incomparable historical heritage as Igbo and the first human to inhabit this planet Earth, according to ancient tablets and cave libraries. As I would want this area of my calling to be respected, so will I respect other people in their respective callings. Therefore, I give my inalienable respect to you once more.

A head without a body surely will not stand. But a body without a head may possibly stand, though in an unorganized way that may encourage the disintegration of the body. It is the fear of disintegrating that has always created the need for instituting a head to rule over the body. And where the body is decapitated, the body does everything in it's ability to either restore the displaced head or replace it. This replacement or restoration is needfully an urgent duty because, when the situation lasts a little longer, decay will set in. The endpoint of decay, for an organization, is disintegration. This we do not pray for IPOB, but it is a natural phenomenon.

A body that loses it's head loses the eyes to see well, good ears to hear well, good mouth to dialogue well and the brain to properly articulate what will benefit the organization continually. If we look properly inward we will observe that the DOS are trying their best, but certain features are dangerously indicative that the head is not present. Yet this dangerous indicator of the leader's absence does not mean a total condemnation of the body. They are not the first to experience this red line; the disciples of Christ saw it too.

DOS and the Great Commission: 

Jesus, at a point, told the disciples thus, 'You have not called yourselves, but I....' In the same manner, have you not called yourselves into this duty and positions; it was His Excellency, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who called you.  What you did was that you answered the call and presented yourselves for the duty involved willingly. You understood it as the service to humanity and unto your own people, the Biafrans. By your calling, you are answerable to Onye Ndu and also to the Biafrans whom you were called to serve. By submitting yourselves to the oath of office, vocally or equivocally, you have agreed to abide by the rules of the struggle and to protect the interest of the steuggle, even with your blood. But what is going on presently among the sheep you are left to shepherd does not show that some of you understood the meaning of the calling in the beginning.

In the first place, you are supposed to have the same line of thought, belief and manners as your master. That was why the apostles were called Christians (a people who behaved like Christ). You showed your weakness on the way you managed the blames over the disappearance of Onye Ndu. Pressure is the best tester of good leadership. Yes, I applauded the diplonatic skills of Chika Edoziem when he replied Dr. Nelly Ofoegbu's zealous request to suspend some of the members from the DOS. It was a nice suggestion she made, but Edoziem's reply was very superb and perfect. Alas, the aftermath events recurently showed what seemed to prove that there was lack of proper communication among the members. 

Why did I say so, if members of the DOS has maintained a proper communication chain, someone should have reminded the rest that, Nelly and others who were suspended should not have been so. There are better ways of correcting such misgivings and prevent disintegration. Since we are all brethren, they should have been invited, perhaps on Zoom meetings, listen to their complaints and address them within you. You all can afford the money for airtime even if the meeting should be more than once. Somebody must take the blame; yet, for the sake of the struggle, resolution point must be reached as long as the spirit of the struggle still controls you all.

Come to think of it, must we crucify Nelly for her whistle-blowing? I think not. I have reprimanded Nelly tactically, yet we did not insult each other. You can attest to her humility and preparedness to heed to instructions, seeing that she had not said anything abusively. I am convinced that there are certain element of truth in the account records released by Nelly. There is no way she could have fabricated the whole of such details. You may say that it doesn't matter, let her go ahead and make her claims; after all who listens to her. I want to remark that so many people listen to her. If nobody listens to her, the fact that she tends to prove that some people were involved in the abduction of Onye Ndu will unequivocally attract audiences to her. Then come to think of when she presents a record detailing what she claimed to be the money misappropriated by the leaders whom people trusted. Come what may, people will listen to her. Trust takes time to build, but very easy to break.

Any kingdom divided against itself hardly could stand. I want to tell you that except for the person of Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who has presented himself as the sacrificial lamb for the emergence of Biafra, I bet you that people would have dumped IPOB because of how you people are exposing and calling yourselves names. Nelly is more tactical than you all. Watch her move; she will allow you to make hail of noise insulting and calling her names. But when she wants to attack, she gives convincing details about you all. For two times, she has published your names with your phone numbers attached. Tell me who would not believe her. When our enemies see such they go home rejoicing and celetrating your confusion and fight against yourself. And while you keep on, you are misdirected from the focus of the struggle and our leader keeps languishing in the DSS dungeon.

Let me shock you; do you know that Sunday Igboho will soon be released and sent to Germany? Continue to fight yourselves for what does not have meaning, one day the God of this great commission will choose some other people and your efforts for years will be useless. Device strategy now to reunite yourself so that you can fight with one mind. You got it wrong by ending the sit-at-home order. Onye Ndu would not do so if he discovers that it is becoming an armour to fight the Zoo. What you should have done like you rightly did was, suspend the programme for few days because of Anambra Election so that elders won't say you are heart-harden. Then after the election the programme resumes. It was this uncalculated action that gave Simon Ekpa the population he controls now. He saw that Biafrans love the programme and are willing to go on with it, so he introduced Autor pilot to carry the people along. To finish the DOS, he claimed that you have been paid by our enemies to stop the programme so that MNK won't be released soon.

What good leadership would have done in such a circumstance is to readjust and quickly come up with another programme that will interest the people more, then it will serve as the reason for ending the first one. Good enough, the current ban on the sale of Fulani cow in Biafra land is a very good step. But it would have been better introduced as subtitude to the sit-at-home order. With that, it may be claimed that the former would lead Biafrans to suffering while the latter would affect the Fulani more. There is time for everything, and each time needs to align with the appropriate programme that fits into it best. Onye Ndu understands the relevance of time and the need for appropriateness in assigning programmes. That is one of the reasons he is excelling.


I want to tell you all that what is happening to MNK presently is the Devine will for him. Do you know why I said this? There is no legal way MNK would have used to return to Nigeria apart from this. Being extraordinarily renditioned, he stands in between countries such that the zoo would be implicated. Then, it is in such a condition that unconditional release would be his right. On another note, it is possible that MNK had perceived that he would be kidnapped?  Recall that, in some of his broadcasts around that time, he had promised to come to Biafra land and declare Biafra. On the day he announced the 150 days prayers with the book of Psalms, recall also that he intoned that it remained one thing that will happen and he will be in Biafra land. If my thought about our present crossroad is correct, then it is evident that God is running His own course and has used your present logahead to show MNK how frail you are. You have failed him for allowing little issues to tear you apart. Remember that Barr. Aloy Ejimakor was first to be visited with the same decay: thank God he did not allow it to overtake him. You need to call your senses to order. And the time to do so is now. A good leader does not consider his position when there are impressing needs to tackle. We are Igbo, let us not allow this little matter to welcome MNK's return.

Remain blessed. May God teach you how best to overcome decay without bruises left behind.

Yours in the struggle, 

Onyeji Nnaji


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