UNITED STATES TRUCKERS Support Group Makes Trip to Canadian Border With Supplies! “Boots-on-the-Ground Support for Canada’s Freedom Fighters!”

This past weekend Convoy To Save America (CTSA), a new group formed to peacefully support the Canadian truckers and the Canadian people, sent two convoys to the U.S.-Canadian border at the Peace Bridge in Buffalo, NY. CTSA brought supplies for the Canadian truckers and peacefully assembled with other groups from around New York to support the convoys, protest the lockdowns, and celebrate freedom.

A convoy from New York and Tennessee brought supplies to the Canadian-United Staes border to support the Canadian Truckers.

On both Saturday and Sunday there was a 13-mile “slow roll” convoy that started in Tonawanda, NY, drove into Buffalo past government buildings, and ended at Pat Sole Park in Buffalo across from the Peace Bridge. At the park were spirited rallies with speakers, music, and cries of “We will not comply!”

The Peace Bridge is an international border which is normally one of Canada-U.S.’s most trafficked border crossings. Due to diversions of traffic to the Peace Bridge from the blocked Ambassador Bridge at Detroit, the Peace Bridge had experienced backups for two days prior to the weekend events. By Saturday, the Peace Bridge was closed to all traffic, preventing supporters from marching to the bridge’s Canadian border.

The Convoy To Save America was founded by Denby Melisha Morgan, a Tennessee mother of seven, with the goal of standing with Canada and providing material and rallying support. Sponsors that have stepped up to help the Tennessee-based group succeed with its goals include Teachers For ChoiceNew York Freedom Rally, Families Are Essential, Rolling Patriots, The Constitutional Coalition of New York, and Americans For Justice.

Also involved was For the Love of Family- Reunification for All, which is comprised of groups of bi-national families who have been fighting for open borders for nearly two years. Families continue to be separated by federal policies by the Biden and Trudeau regimes who maintain a closed land border for unvaccinated families and cumbersome restrictions and testing to enter Canada.

The first CTSA convoy left New York City on Friday, February 11, stopping at Scranton, PA; Elmira, NY; and Mount Morris, NY to pick up supplies from supporters wanting to donate to the truckers. The second convoy left Mount Juliet, TN just east of Nashville on Saturday, February 12, and picked up convoy supporters and supplies at Lebanon Junction, KY; Fort Mitchell, KY; Seville, OH; and Erie, PA.

Morgan said, “It was so exciting that we actually were boots-on-the-ground support for Canada’s freedom fighters. They have been such a personal inspiration to me that I galvanized everyone I know to get on board and support them.”  She added, “Our two convoys brought a variety of supplies to the border that the Canadians specifically recommended to bring such as hand warmers, water, snacks, gas cards, hats, washer fluid, gloves, and blankets.”

Convoy leaving Tonawanda, New York for the Canadian-US Border.

In New York, the CTSA convoy was paid visits at their Manhattan Pennsylvania Station departure point separately by policemen from both the Port Authority and the New York Police Department. Assumingly, they were checking up to make sure they were not going to have a mini-Ottawa on their hands. En route, the team received a phone call from the sheriff of Elmira wanting to get a handle on the group and ensure there were no problems with traffic. There was minimal police presence on the ground at the two peaceful Buffalo rallies. Overall, the police were polite and unobtrusive.

Randy Ireland, co-Founder of Americans For Justice, said, “We are in a fight for the survival of the U.S. Constitution with mandates and medical freedom being only one of several prominent issues facing America today. It is time to unite all Americans around the Constitution and confront major issues head-on collectively as WE THE PEOPLE—exactly as the Truckers for Freedom in Canada are doing!”

It could not be confirmed at this time, but one of the local rally organizers informed the CTSA team that New York Governor Kathy Hochul had established a command control center in Buffalo and was in Buffalo herself the weekend of the rally.

Donations are still needed to support Convoy To Save America’s efforts to help the Canadian truckers.  Go to https://convoytosaveamerica.com/support/


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