BREAKING : New Underground Banking System Discovered - Officials "Shocked, Speechless."


 Government confirms “secret” bank accounts now legally available to all Nigerian citizens. Financial freedom is a “human right” - how any citizen could turn ₦110,000(NGN) into ₦101,116,774 in only 30-days…

It’s a great day to live in Nigeria - because for the first time in history ordinary citizens can access a new type of underground bank account alternative formerly only available to the ultra-wealthy and well-connected.

You may have heard about the new type of bank account that can reportedly grow a savings account as small as ₦110,000 (United States Dollars) into a personal fortune of ₦162,167,328 (That's almost162 MILLION Nigerian Nairas ) in only a few months time. As the formerly “secret” banking system catapults into the mainstream, thousands are cashing in with new ways to save and grow their savings.

These new accounts are being called “lightyears ahead” of the “antiquated” banking systems they’ll be replacing.

And it has nothing to do with all that false advertising you see on facebook all the time.

One of our readers, Emmanuel Yakubu, was amongst the first to sign up for this new type of account. In an interview he tells us he initially deposited ₦110,000, and what happened next completely changed his life.

Emmanuel: “I’d check the account every couple of hours - and it just kept growing, I couldn’t believe it!...”

Just 3-weeks after his initial deposit, Emmanuel’s cashed out the majority of his account, which had grown to over ₦76,971,867 - with no risk or extra work required on his part.

As incredible as that is, what’s truly surprising is that he didn’t invest in currency, put it into a shady offshore bank account, purchase stocks or bonds or use any of the traditional “investment” tools you’d normally associate with banks.

In fact the way that these new accounts manage to grow your money so quickly is unlike anything we’ve ever seen in 23-years of financial reporting.

When the news of this new underground banking system broke, our team of 24 financial reporters immediately went to work to launch a full-blown investigation into the secret behind these powerful new accounts.

What we discovered was far more powerful than anything we could have possibly imagined - and now we’re sharing our shocking discovery with you for the very first time.

In the past month over 329,094 citizens have rushed to open one of these new types of bank accounts.

And the results we’re seeing are absolutely mind-blowing. For example Aaron Nwankwo initially deposited ₦2,000,000 - and now just 3-weeks later his account has grown into over ₦500 million!

Vincent Bassey, who initially deposited a small part of her traditional savings account and then almost forgot about it, until she received an email statement 2-weeks later and realized she had enough money to pay off her 20-year mortgage.

Now it’s become clear why these formerly “underground” accounts are the #1 choice of the wealthy and ruling class.

And it’s easy to understand the widespread outrage as the public learned about the “unfair advantages” that had been kept secret and kept “off-limits” from them for so long. Experts agree that it makes sense to transfer at least some of your savings into one of these new accounts.

Walter Amadu a Financial Advisor says: “people need to understand just how valuable these accounts are - they’re easily the most powerful tool to protecting and growing your money, and now that they’re available to the public, you’d be crazy not to jump in as soon as possible”.

Walter continues “they have no fees, they’re risk-free and fully insured - and they’re currently earning 200x, depending on leverage, higher returns than stocks, bonds or any other asset class available to retail investors. There’s just no reason for anyone to pass up an opportunity like that”.

Even better, if you have as little as ₦110,000 in savings, then you can afford to start protecting and growing your wealth today - so there really aren’t any excuses.

There are no fees, it costs nothing to start besides the deposit and it’s as simple and easy to use as an online bank account.

The New Way To Grow Your Wealth Fast And “Recession Proof” Your Savings.

These new “underground bank systems” where originally created back in 1998. A handful of the world’s wealthiest families knew that our current financial system is unsustainable, and wanted to protect their money in case of a crash or depression.

So this new system was created, and what makes it completely unique, due to it's stop loss system, is it’s possibly insulated from stocks, bonds and other traditional investments. So even if the markets crash, these new accounts are 100% insulated.

But the truly incredible thing is how it’s transforming so many regular people into millionaires. It doesn’t matter if you’re a waitress, a construction worker, a teacher or a CEO - all it takes is a small ₦110,000 to get started and this new type of online account goes to work, protecting and growing your savings.

For example, if you’d deposited just ₦200,000 31-day ago and done nothing else, your account would be worth an astonishing ₦8,975,650 today - and as incredible as that is the real opportunity is only just beginning.

In fact our research indicates that more wealth will be created by this system over the next 12- months than Google, Amazon, Apple and Microsoft have created in the last 12-years - combined.

That’s a lot of money - and right now you have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put yourself in perfect position to cash-in as this new banking system is about to hit “critical-mass”. You see back in 2013 only about 100,000 “insiders” had one of these accounts, or even knew of their existence. Today over 22 million people are using this system, and now that the public is in on the “secret” experts are expecting it to grow by 10-100x or more in the next 24 months.

Notice How The Graph Begins To Skyrocket Right In The Middle Of 2019…

And the amount of money flowing into the new system is incredible. In 2018, only $40 million was in the system. As you can see below, in 2019 it’s began to skyrocket, with over $50 billion in new money and many experts expecting that number to climb into the trillions within the next 2-3 years.

Incredibly, even the London bankers who said this day would never come can see the writing on the wall as reports indicate they’re quietly moving the money from their own banks and putting it into these new types of accounts.

But you don’t have to be a banker or investor take advantage. Because these accounts aren’t directly tied to stocks, bonds, gold, silver, commodities or any of the “mainstream” investments you’ve likely heard of - you don’t need to know anything at all about investing to get started. You simply go sign up at their website, fill out a quick 10-second form and open your new account. Once you’ve made your initial deposit, the technology does all of the work for you. It’s a really incredible thing to see for yourself.

As You Can See We’re Right In The Middle Of What Experts Are Calling “Unprecedented Hyperbolic Growth”.

It’s transforming lives across Nigeria - but don’t expect to hear about it on the news or from mainstream media sources - both are controlled by the rich and ruling class - and they want to keep this secret for themselves as long as they can.

Don’t Stand Back And Watch The Opportunity Of A Lifetime Pass You Buy.

Throughout history each generation typically only gets one shot to create wealth.

Your great, great grandfather watched the advent of the modern railroad. Your grandfather watched the rise of the automobile, air travel and the rise of the modern middle-class. Your father watched the internet, computers and cell-phones integrate themselves into all of our lives.

Every one of those was an opportunity to grow incredibly wealthy - so did they?

If they did, then you know how important it is to see an opportunity like this before it’s too late. And if they didn’t, it’s not their fault - most people will simply watch opportunities pass them by, even if they know they’re witnessing something that’s once-in-a-lifetime, they just can’t pull the trigger (or don’t know how).

But this opportunity doesn’t require you to have any special skills or abilities - you simply sign up and follow the simple instructions.

The ‘Secret Currency’ Of The World’s Wealthiest Families.

Now you’re probably wondering how these new accounts are able to generate returns like this. And that’s a smart question to ask, because before these new types of accounts returns like these would be impossible.

So here’s how it works…

When you deposit ₦45,000 into a traditional bank, they immediately turn around and based on that deposit loan out up to ₦850,000 in debt - and then collect interest on that debt. Whoever took out the loan now has ₦850,000 to spend on whatever they’d like.

So what happened there?

There’s ₦850,000 in very real money now being spent in the economy that simply didn’t exist. The bank “created” that money thanks to “fractional reserve” banking - they can essentially create debt using money that doesn’t exist.

Now the only thing you need to understand is that thanks to our financial system, it’s possible for banks to essentially create money out of “thin-air”.

But it’s not just banks, corporations, our own Government and other institutions also have this power - and what’s happened is that 99% of the money in the world is actually debt that never existed in the first place.

The implications of that are staggering - but in simple terms it means that the world’s wealthiest families got that way by creating and issuing debt based on money that never existed in the first place.

For decades it’s been a closely guarded almost “superpower” - and the secret behind the world’s great fortunes.

So these new type of accounts are based on the idea that, if the financial elite can earn money by creating debt, then regular citizens should have the same opportunity.

That’s how these accounts transform ₦110,000 into ₦550 millions in 3-6 months. They grow wealth exponentially - and the more you have the faster it grows.

If you’d deposited ₦125,000 just 9-days ago, your account would currently be sitting at ₦1,042,412 - an increase of 823% - which is incredible right?

Not bad considering it only takes 30-seconds to sign up and requires no extra work or effort on your part.

Based on our analysis, the average person who deposits ₦422,200 today will earn ₦415,019,974 over the next 12-months, which gives regular people in Nigeria a very real opportunity to become a millionaire and retire wealthy.

UPDATE: Our Test Results Are In - Here’s What We Found…

We decided to put the system through a real-world test run. After considering thousands of eager volunteers we settled on Adebanjo Adekunle, a construction foreman out of Lagos who’s supporting his wife and 3 young children.

Adebanjo is making enough to support his young family - but not enough to save up for college or take them overseas for a holiday.

And because he doesn’t have any special computer skills, expensive degrees or any special understanding of the financial markets - his opportunities to earn income are limited, so we decided he’d be the perfect candidate for this project.

Here’s what happened next..

Adebanjo Adekunle: “First of all I went and signed up on the site. It was as easy as registering for any other online account, it took me about 2-minutes in total. After that I put in my initial deposit of ₦110,000. Since it’s just funding my account it didn’t cost me anything, it just transferred to the account. I’d read up and asked questions, I knew that I could withdraw my money anytime just like a normal bank.”

“After it was setup I went about my day. The next morning I decided to check in on it and make sure the deposit went through and everything. I logged in and saw ₦505,782 in my account - I thought there must be some kind of error. “

“I actually called their customer support and they where helpful, she explained that it wasn’t a mistake, I’d just picked a good time to join and that’s what I’ve earned so far. I couldn’t believe it!”

“Well a couple of days later I was keeping a close watch over my account, at the 48-hour mark I was up to ₦716,482. And just 8-hours later I was sitting at ₦1,319,417… At the end of the first week when I counted up the total earnings, I had made a total of ₦1,810,418 off of my initial ₦110,000 deposit.”

“I cashed out ₦1,500,000 and left the remainder in the account. The ₦1,500,000 was transferred out instantly and I immediately booked a trip for my wife and kids, we’re going to spend a week touring Italy next Fall, I can’t wait!”

“Now even if this week is only 1/10th as good, this is going to be life changing money for us. It’s already given us a vacation we’d never been able to afford before.” We’re keeping in close touch with Walter and will keep this section updated on his progress.

Spots Are Limited And Filling Up Fast So Hurry Up And Sign Up For Your Free Account While You Still Can.

Just to make sure you don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity, we want to let you know that right now thousands are rushing in to cash in.

Because of incredibly high-demand, they’ve limited the number of new spots available to the next 200 people, and they’re offered on a “first-come, first-served” basis, so if you want to get in before it’s too late here’s what to do - simply follow the instructions below and register for your free account.

EDITORS NOTE: Due to overwhelming response since publishing this article they are forced to close our doors to new members, we’ll try to keep it open for at least another hour, if the link below still works you can still get in if you hurry:

Instructions To Get Started

 Step 1: First you check if it's still possible to create an account. The page will be opened in the same window. Here is what you will see: 

 Step 2: After completing the registration you will be contacted by one of the professional advisors to verify your new account. 
Together you will check if this is the right account for you. Before you deposit any money, all your questions will be answered in a clear, non-technical way. 

 Step 3: Once registered, click the "Make Deposit" button to deposit ₦110,000 or more in to your account. 
The amount you deposit is the amount of money you will have to trade with - the platform is completely free to use and you can withdraw your money at any time! 


Click-Here To Sign Up While There’s Still Time. 

If the page loads and the registration form appears, that means that there are still spots available so go ahead and grab yours before it’s too late! 

*Fill out all the details with the correct information to avoid disappointment. 

When we asked Adebanjo if he would show us his e-wallet as I’d never seen such amount of money she eagerly agreed to do so: 

For those who are still in doubt (so was I) here’s the photo of his e-wallet: 


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