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Why We Kidnap People in Igboland - Nigeria Army

Finally, members of the Nigerian armed force have revealed why army helicopters were spotted offloading armed terrorists around Nsukka vicinity and other parts of Igboland.

They alleged that the Nigerian government and army authorities had impoverished those of them in the lower cadre with no increment in their salaries for years with some enduring about 12 years of stagnant pay.


Some junior personnel of the Nigerian Army have again called on President Muhammadu Buhari to increase their salaries.
They alleged that the Nigerian government and army authorities had impoverished those of them in the lower cadre with no increment in their salaries for years with some enduring about 12 years of stagnant pay.
The soldiers noted that to meet their basic financial needs, they now sold their cars, televisions, housing properties and others.
They urged President Muhammadu Buhari to increase their salaries and inaugurate a committee to investigate happenings in the military, particularly issues involving and affecting the rank and file.
“We the other ranks in the Army are suffering with this current inflation in Nigeria. Sir, we now find it difficult to pay our children's school fees,” a soldier told SaharaReporters.
“There is serious hunger all over army barracks. As I'm writing this, our soldiers now sell their housing properties before the end of each month, televisions, fridges or any item that can bring little amount of money to buy foodstuffs.
“Some even sold their cars, this life is not easy for us soldiers at all, we are all in debt, because our salaries are not enough to pay children school fees, let alone feeding the families.”
This is coming a few weeks after a soldier, Sergeant Ismaila Ukwuhcodu, wrote a letter to the President over their “meager” pay.
The sergeant had noted that to meet financial needs, soldiers now got “involved in illegal duties, sabotage, arms and ammunition deal, armed robbery and kidnapping” while calling on the President to attend to their plight.
“As a trustee of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, I humbly wish to address this letter to you who called us to serve the nation. The Nigeria Army (NA) is the land component of the Armed Forces created to defend and maintain its territorial integrity from external aggression and act in aid of civil authorities to restore order when called upon by Mr President,” the letter had read.
“In the face of security challenges bedeviling the nation, men of the armed forces sacrifice their lives. Despite the risks involved, NA fall in their responsibility and duty to meet the benefits and services of soldiers not minding the consequences it will breed with time. Perhaps the concept is that “soldiers are illiterates with no prospect for a successful future”.
“The system preaches patriotism, discipline, loyalty and dedication to duty, regrettable sir, our meager salary makes it difficult for us to care for our families and own personal house while in active service.
“Painfully, we buy uniforms, boots and other military kits from same salary to serve Nigeria. Below is salary breakdown of your soldering per day/month.
“a. Warrant Officer’s Salary is N95,000/31 days =N3,064 per day (28 yrs in service)
b. Staff Sergeant Salary is N84,000/31 days = N2,709 per day(26 yrs in)
c. Sergeant Salary is N68,000/31 days =N2,193 per day(21 years in)
d. Corporal salary is N62,000/31 days = N2,000 per day (16 yrs in)
e. Lance Corporal N57,000/31 days = N1,838 per day (10 yrs in)
f. Private salary is N50,000/31 days = N1,612 per day (5 years in service)
“To meet financial needs, soldiers’ involve in illegal duties, sabotage, arms & ammunition deal, armed robbery and kidnapping. The insensitive negligence to enhance salary and welfare of soldiers is the cause of mass resignation of trained troops.
“The day soldiers will demand their right will be a sad day for the Nation, on that day, all moral sanctity would have been lost. With due respect Sir, I need respectfully request Mr President and other action addresses to please stand for principle of truth and moral sanctity by holistically and reflectively act on serial 3 above with a view to addressing salary and welfare package of SOLDIERS of the Nigeria Army.”


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