Reasons why US should Re-elect President Donald Trump

Every election is a choice, and over the next 100 days voters will see the clear differences between President Trump and Joe Biden. While the president has an excellent record of achievement on behalf of the American people, Biden has been a failure over 47 years in Washington and is showing stunning weakness in the face of the extreme left of his party. Over the final stretch of the campaign, it will be obvious that Biden is an empty vessel, a Trojan Horse candidate, being used by radicals to push their own agenda through a candidate they control.

We don’t have to guess what the economy would be like under Joe Biden, because as vice president he oversaw the slowest economic “recovery” since the Great Depression, with sluggish job growth and stagnant wages. Biden voted for and supported horrible trade deals like NAFTA, which devastated U.S. manufacturing and killed 850,000 American jobs.

He has made a career of appeasing China and advancing their interests, supporting Most Favored Nation status for China and pushing for their admittance to the World Trade Organization, a move which destroyed 60,000 U.S. factories. Now he plans trillions of dollars in tax hikes and would impose the Green New Deal’s job-killing regulations, wiping out our energy industries and turning over the keys to the economy to Sen. Bernie Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez .

Biden has folded in the face of the radical left, acquiescing to their policy demands at every turn. He has said “Yes! Absolutely!” he would redirect police funding to other government programs. Biden would effectively declare our national borders to be non-existent, refusing to deport illegal aliens, decriminalizing illegal border crossing, supporting “sanctuary cities,” providing government health care to illegal aliens, and giving them work permits to compete with American workers.

He has pledged to end school choice, even for children in depressed economic situations, and has linked arms with Bernie Sanders to specifically block disadvantaged children from accessing alternatives to failing public schools.
While President Trump made the important decisions on the coronavirus crisis to protect Americans, Biden sat in his basement and played armchair quarterback, calling plays the President had already run. Biden forgets his embarrassing record as vice president when his administration actually ordered states to stop testing people during a swine flu outbreak that infected 60 million Americans. On his watch, the national stockpile of vital N95 masks nearly ran out following the swine flu pandemic and was not replenished.  After it became clear that China had lied to the world about the coronavirus outbreak, Biden resisted the president’s efforts to pinpoint China as ground zero. And even though the World Health Organization assisted China in deceiving everyone about details of the virus, Biden insisted that American taxpayers should still fund the same WHO which set back the world’s medical response.

Today, Biden claims to have been warning everyone about the coronavirus since January, even though he was campaigning normally and holding in-person rallies until the second week of March. As  always, Biden talks a big game, but his record and rhetoric do not hold up to scrutiny. In the end, voters will see clearly that a Biden presidency would be an utter disaster.
President Trump has been leading the country through the coronavirus crisis and has taken dramatic, effective steps to protect the health and safety of our citizens. When he restricted travel from China at the outset, a move credited with saving countless thousands of American lives, Biden called it “xenophobic” and “fear-mongering,” and his campaign was forced to admit two months later that it was the right call.

The president enlisted the private sector to produce much-needed protective equipment and safety materials, and strategically deployed ventilators to trouble spots so that a predicted shortage never occurred. The testing system the president implemented is nothing short of a major success, with more than 50 million tests conducted to date and over 800,000 Americans undergoing testing every day. Test results are returning faster, and a life-saving vaccine has been fast-tracked and is expected to be delivered in record time. When the world learned that China had been lying to the world about the origin and danger of the coronavirus, he held them accountable and withdrew funding from the WHO for their complicity in helping China. The bottom line is that President Trump acted decisively to protect the American people while Joe Biden sought to turn the pandemic into a political weapon.

President Trump built the world’s best economy once and will do it again, having already achieved record lows in unemployment for Blacks, Latinos, Asian Americans, veterans and the disabled. Cutting taxes and removing onerous regulations for businesses unleashed the pent-up potential of American ingenuity, and the resulting economic growth improved the lives of Americans across all demographics and in every region of the country.

Every decision the President makes is through the lens of “America First.” When nobody thought it could be done, he renegotiated the failed NAFTA deal with Mexico and Canada and replaced it with the vastly improved USMCA, expanding markets for American products and protecting our jobs and workers. He became the first American president to stand up to China for their decades of cheating on trade issues and held them accountable for their actions.

The president has demanded that our ally nations carry their share of the burden for global security and as a result, our standing on the world stage is stronger than ever. The word of the United States means something again, and it is President Trump who is setting the standard.

In 100 days, Americans will go to the polls and elect their president. They will have before them a stark choice: President Trump’s excellent record of putting Americans first versus Joe Biden and his record of failure and getting steamrolled by the extreme left. Boiled down to this, President Trump wins on all counts.”

Tim Murtaugh is the director of communications for Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.

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