Patriotic Trump may not be a Jesus but More Like a John the Baptist - Robert Orlando

In a letter addressed to President Donald Trump (6/11/20), an African social media essayist, Onyeji Nnaji described Trump the following way,
"Donald Trump; you maybe not be the known Jesus, but you are a true American like no other."

It becomes obviously true, the remarks of the writer when it is recalled that virtually all that Trump was accused and stage-managingly impeached by Democrats were evil perpetrated by Biden's family under cover by the paid fake news media.

For years, the fake news falsely claimed Donald Trump was doing three things the Biden family was doing: (1) Using government power for personal gain, (2) Profiting from doing the bidding of America's enemies, and (3) Engaging in risky affairs.

Dan Bongino (hilariously) calls that third claim "the pee-pee hoax."

donald trump twitter denouncing fake news

Hunter Biden, in reality, was guilty of all of these behaviors. Yet, not only was it buried by the press, it had no impact on the election, AND they did not explore the facts in any meaningful way.

I've seen the enemy, and the enemy is in your iPhone, internet and Netflix subscription. The media has been manipulating you at every level of every day, and those who think "it's just entertainment" have a death wish.

You should get mad, pound your tablets, and repeat the mantra from the film "Network": "I'm mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!"

Our lives from Stone Age have been dictated by how we shape our values into stories and images. For example, Roman roads were loaded with graffiti and propaganda and told why Caesar was the son of God, and his loyalty was your duty and honor.

The same happened with Napoleon's France. Later, Marxism favored the mob (the proletariat) in the modern world and showed you why you needed to overthrow the bad guys to instate Lenin and Stalin.

Until today thugs like Antonio Gramsci and Saul Alinsky and so many have invaded schools and colleges with a dark program to undermine the American legacy whoring word games like original sin and systemic racism, designed to shift power to them!

On the contrary, The Trump Phenomenon was more significant than the left or right or even the conservatives and RINOs (Republicans in Name Only). RINOs were the same old Establishment first enriching themselves.

When it comes to power, the question is who's "in" and who's "out"? So, if the levers of power are global economic interest, high tech companies, controlled by the mouthpieces of CNN and MSNBC, you will be forced to consume their story.

Conservatives need to educate themselves and read their media bible for satanic warnings. The devil is not a creature with pointed ears sticking you with his pitchfork but a deceptive voice that, over time, erodes your goodwill under the accusatory claims of others.

Our media is just Marxism plus 24-hour news cycles.

Trump, as I explain in my new book, "Citizen Trump," is not a Jesus but more like a John the Baptist. We don't like him eating locusts and lives in the desert, but to paraphrase Jesus, "what did you expect a reed tossed by the sea?" So you ask him to do the dirty work but complain it got dirty?

The Far Left (not traditional liberals) has forfeited its place in our free society and shown its true colors. They have become cancer in the political body in need of severe radiation treatments.

Cancer has created slow leprosy for the innocent and creeping blindness in our children.

How would you know if Hunter was guilty or not if you cannot see the facts? You won't! Your party loyalty won't matter, and when the left wipes out your demographic with open borders, the RINOs will jump to another side to protect their interests.

Don't let your puritanical sensibilities get in the way of a dirty deed getting done now and again. Unfortunately, the second time around, Trump and his followers gave the media a Damaclean-sized knife to cut off their heads with an alleged semi revolt at the Capitol.

It's a media story that the left will use as a weapon for decades to come, on the scale of Pearl Harbor, the Bay of Pigs and the Gulf of Tonkin, but here is the warning:

Moms and Dads don't read political treatises to their kids. They read stories.

Jesus spoke in metaphors and parables. John the Baptist called his greatest enemies whitewashed sepulchers — in other words, phonies, frauds and fakes!

Yes, Trump performed his role as candidate and president; that's why he succeeded but just ran out of TV time.

Forget heaven. You're in a white noise reality.

Winning an election is one battle, but winning back your country from the media's control is all-out war!


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