A Few Note for Gov. Soludo and the War Against Self - Onyeji Nnaji

In good fate and hearthfelt exhilaration, I personally congratulate you in your newly assumed office as the executive governor of your historic motherland, Anambra State. Indeed, it was an excruciating battle at the poll; amidst that, the glorious victory that befits a legend of your type matters most to me. Once again, congratulations my professor.

Your Excellency sir, as one of the voices of the ancestors, it pleased me to write you now because of two Paramount reasons axiomatically enshrined in the Igbo speech art. Our people say that, "Onye Nwa nne ya na- agba ajo egwu, na- ako oko n' nku anya". They also say that, "Iru mara mma adighi mma ka- atuo ya mbo". As a son of the soil, you do not need these expressions interpreted; yet, I wish to tell you that yours is that beautiful face that should avoid being pinched. 

Someone asked what my take was over the insecurity in Southeast. I did not go any far to fetch my reply. Insecurity in Southeast prevails presently because the knowledge Igbos should have about themselves has not actually sank in. "Release Nnamdi Kanu," I told him, "and you will see insecurity quelled in Igboland". Insecurity in Southeast is society born. To end society born insecurity is simply to solve the problem that caused insecurity in it. It is time Igbo leaders acknowledged the fact that, in the affections of the current Igbo society, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu is central. I am aware that you had this similar feelings before your enthronment; now that you are a governor, it has though seemed relatively cowardice to think like me. But Chinua Achebe said that, "Sometimes it is good to be a coward. For a time comes when it will be said, 'there used to be the abode of the legend', by then, the legend is gone."

The reason IPOB attempted to stop Anambra election was the suspicion that the power that be would rig it in favour of APC. When they became sure that APGA would take the lead followed by the promises made by elders and clergy towards the freedom of MNK, they eased the tension to the surprise of the Federal Government. By the former reason, I believe your victory was not born because you were the "right candidate" only, but also because you were in the "right party". As you were enthroned finally, the jubilation that accompanied it, all over Igboland, is a clear indication that your victory belongs to all. Unfortunately sir, your remarks turned out to be very deep cuts on the back of those who just finished chanting your names hours before.

Your zeal was good, perfect and germane to the needs of the hour; but your approach was despicably wrong. It was a very dangerous approach that did not fit your position as a legend. At least, common sense should teach anybody with brain in his skull that people don't use fire to quench fire. To quench any fire, people use water, not fire. You took the worse approach when you threaten the prevailing Sit-at-home prevalent in the east with militarisation of Anambra. You killed the minds that once applauded you the very time you suggested the use of uniformed men to end their civil disobedience. Without mincing words sir, what is happening in the east is civil disobedience and it is taking place everywhere in the world. It is a way we wish to show solidarity with our brother and leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu who is a prisoner of conscience.

The solution, sir, is on taking a pragmatic step, viable enough, towards the unconditional release of Nnamdi Kanu. Once this is achieved, nobody needs to plead for any operation to end;  it will end immediately with just one announcement by Nnamdi Kanu. Weeks ago, your very self did say that, "Nnamdi Kanu is a factor". This shows that you know his position in the heart of the Igbo in general. It all started around him, therefore it will be ended by him. If you go the hard way, you will only succeed in making Anambra ungovernable. Igbo leaders should do the needful, not the other ways round. Yoruba leaders hired legals and other apparatus to completely vindicate Sunday Igboho, Northern leaders protect herders who kill and decapitate people, cover bandits activities from news coverage, feed and militarily equip Boko Haram for the continuous taking over of Nigeria. Soon the Fulanis may overpower Benue; then it will directly be our turn to fight unplanned war. But here in the east our leaders are busy dusting caliphate footwears; why?

Finally sir, let me tell you that war is coming. An unavoidable war is coming. The only solution is to assert our position as Igbos and, of course, Biafrans. We must recognize the true ration in governor Ortom's unceasing lamentation and fight politically to defend the Igbo as other ethnic groups are doing to theirs. I wish you a blissful reign as the people's governor. Till the need arises again to write you, I remain loyal to your government.

Your subject,
Onyeji Nnaji.



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