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UK Schools Teach Kids As Young As 9 To ‘Masturbate’ For Homework, Have Anal Sex –Report


A report by Daily Mail said many teachers are 'indoctrinating' children with scientifically false claims about biological sex, presenting gender as fluid and furthering a narrative that people can be born in the wrong body.

In UK schools, children are being taught about anal sex and orgasms before they have reached puberty and set 'masturbation' as homework, as revealed by secretive lesson plans.


A report by Daily Mail said many teachers are 'indoctrinating' children with scientifically false claims about biological sex, presenting gender as fluid and furthering a narrative that people can be born in the wrong body.


This comes as the National Health Service is facing a mass legal action from 1,000 families who claim their children were rushed into taking life-changing puberty blockers' by the Tavistock Centre.


MailOnline said it found graphic teaching material — including a sex manual for pre-teens — being taught to children in classes around the UK.

This comes after a concerned mother was denied the right to see the content of the lessons being taught to her 15-year-old daughter in her Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) classes, which became compulsory three years ago.


Despite a judge refusing Clare Page the right to see the material, MailOnline can reveal that a wealth of questionable teaching resources is already available online.


Colouring books, word searches and cartoon drawings have also been given to young girls and boys by 'activist teachers' in their 'overarching mission to sexualise children in the name of inclusion'.


Since September 2020, Relationships Education has been compulsory in primary schools and RSE mandatory in secondary schools. The change left many teaching staff seeking guidance.


The void was filled by charities — some harbouring unconventional views on biological sex and sharing material on their websites that reference underage sex.


MailOnline noted that some children are taught that from birth until the age of one, babies can 'experience pleasurable sensations' by touching their genitals.

Other things being taught to children include ways for 12-year-old girls to orgasm while masturbating, including pinching or stroking the clitoris.

According to the report, children are also given 'masturbation' homework from a pre-compulsory RSE resource and told that girls as young as 12 can find sexual pleasure from anal, vaginal and oral sex.

The report also noted that young schoolchildren are taught that it's normal to want to masturbate during and even before they hit puberty and told that it's normal for prepubescent children to be sexually attracted to anyone.

They are also told that gender is different from sex but is a much more intrinsic part of who a person is and taught that people can change their sex from being a man to being a woman.

They are taught that some 'non-binary' humans are neither men nor women and that men with the male Y chromosome can actually be women, which goes against the teachings in biology.

An 'award-winning' teaching pack for children as young as nine who have learning disabilities created before RSE was made mandatory was similarly graphic. One of the lesson plans suggested teachers 'show the group pictures of male and female masturbation' and 'simulate anatomically correct dolls masturbating'

In the lesson plan for children as young as nine, the images are not blurred and show a boy and a girl masturbating. The boy is shown as he is in the middle of ejaculating while the naked girl is seen touching herself while closing her eyes and opening her mouth.

A colouring book aimed at children as young as five invited users to colour in Zoë, who is 'non-binary', which according to the book means 'they are neither a boy or a girl'.

A colouring book aimed at children as young as five invited users to colour in Zoë, who is 'non-binary', which according to the book means 'they are neither a boy or a girl'.


Another lesson resource, a book called Great Relationships and Sex Education that is 'extremely popular with RSE educators', points children aged 11 to 13 to a 'hands on guide' to masturbation that suggests it can be 'highly pleasurable' to touch your anus, genitals and nipples


The Sex Education Forum (SEF), Coram Life Education and Brook are some of the leading charities that create lesson plans for schools, hold PSHE workshops and point teachers towards related educational material.


Coram Life Education supports 50,000 teachers. Their PSHE education reaches more than 600,000 pupils each year.


Meanwhile, SEF states on its own website that it 'has a long history of successfully influencing policy'.


Some teachers and educators believe RSE and Relationships Education are necessary subjects for children to learn.


Danielle Baron was a teacher and assistant head for 10 years and has run her own education and coaching company for eight years.


She said: 'It is of utmost importance to educate children about navigating relationships, as they are particularly vulnerable, and education and knowledge empowers them to recognise warning signs.


'By providing children with this education and support, we can help them navigate relationships safely and empower them to protect themselves against potential abuse.'


A trainee teacher at a multi-academy trust in southeast London who teaches RSE three times a week in 20 minute session said it was 'vital' for it to be compulsory for children to learn about sex and relationships.


He said: 'Schools have a role outside of family and religious groups to teach it, informed by science. The kids need to know it.


'Teaching about gender is important.


'Many schools think [RSE is] secondary. Teachers want resources given to them. The issue is that the resources are not good enough.


'Maybe we need a firm curriculum. If it's left up to private groups then potentially different schools give different RSE.'


Yet others disagree. Ray Freeman is the director of the National Council of Integrative Psychotherapists.


He told MailOnline: 'We need to let children be children. What I fear is more of a political movement, where we have classes of girls saying they are a different sex.


'Sex is biological. Gender is socially constructed. The aggressive movement is mixing the two.


'It's dangerous. Has the world gone mad?


'I think it is psychologically damaging and it can be physically damaging for a young person to be told they are or can be the opposite sex.


'We have a duty to protect our children. How can we if you don't know what they are being taught?'


The Family Education Trust's Lucy Marsh told MailOnline 'activist teachers' were on a path to rip children from their families.


She said: 'It's an overarching mission to sexualise children in the name of inclusion.


'If you normalise underage sex to children, it's grooming and exposing them to sexual abuse.


'It's a mission to sexualise children and people don't understand there's a huge safeguarding risk in that. It is child indoctrination.


'When you think of cults, the first thing they do is separate people from families.


'They are trying to put a distance between children and their families.'


Mrs Marsh has had personal experience of her child being taught shocking sexual material.


She said: 'My daughter came home and asked if she was asexual. I said, ''Well I hope you are, because you're 11!''


'Children come home and become very upset about it.


'We need a full public inquiry into the Department of Education. A lot of these providers are sanctioning underage sex.


'We would like [the government] to press pause on RSE lessons until this investigation is over.’


Vagina Matters is the top free teaching resource on sexual health charity Brook's website. The book which is aimed at 12 to 14-year-olds girls covers sex, masturbation and orgasms and includes cartoons of a woman's naked breasts, buttocks and vagina.


The guide, for 12 to 14-year-old girls, says: 'You can be sexually attracted to anyone.' It also listed ways to find 'sexual pleasure' that included 'anal sex' and 'oral sex'.

Under an 'advice' heading it added: 'You can use your fingers to play with your clitoris - stroke it, massage it, rub it, pinch or squeeze it lightly'.


Meanwhile, political activist Laurence Fox told MailOnline: 'Disgusting ideologues are trying to put children down an irreversible path of manipulation.


'The fact they want to hide what they are doing is disgusting. It should alarm every parent.


'This is entirely anti-scientific dribble. It's total warfare on the family in the name of inclusion and kindness.'


Photo Credit: LGBT Foundation


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