How Briton Perpetually Enslaved the Igbo Intentionally - Onyeji Nnaji

The former British colonial officer in Nigeria, who died in England on 3 January 2011, Harold Smith, pointed clearly that Britain was angry with the Igbo because the highest resistive force encountered in that part of West Africa had come from the Igbo. And that, during independence, Britain intentionally played on Dr. Nnamdi Azukiwe's intelligence and handed the Nigerian government over to the North.

What Smith could not say, in his self-willing interview to unravel the inhuman activities of Britain to the Igbo race, was outrightly what he did not know, hear and what he did not see. Harold Smith was the British Colonial Officer who was ladened with the duty of rigging the first Nigerian election in favour of their northern friends. Smith's rejection of this crimanal duty against humanity rewarded him with an immediate repatriation back to England. Arriving at England, Harold was accused of committing treason against the British government. 

Harold's position here tells us two things. One is that, to the British government, the life of any Black does not matter, provided he is Igbo. Britain was bent on destroying everything that made the Igbo a people with identity. Briton stole the most legendary epic personified in the image of Ikenga in order to take the pride from the Igbo as the race of people who produced the first man to ascend back to the sky alive. The Igbo today have lost sight of the truth about the one very reason why Ikenga is hallowed in the Igbo theology.

As a people whose lives did not matter to the British authority because of the exceptional cosmological heritage the Igbo was endowed with, the British authority, in 1906, had earlier concluded a genocide of the entire Igbo race found within the Eastern Nigeria. The life of the entire Igbo was to be taken as a deterrent for the supernatural force which disenabled the Brithish authority to destroy Nri kingship authority. Thank God that Obalike, the Eze Nri of the time came out to prevent the British barbaric intention on the Igno race.

It shouldn't be a surprise to hear that Britain singlehandedly sponsored the bloody Fulani government to help them accomplish their failed task of exterminating the Igbo race during the Biafran war. 

Britain was the one who pleaded non-support of Nigeria against Biafra and vis-a-vis, yet Britain went indirectly to sponsor Nigeria against Biafra. Their intention was clear: since we could not do it, let's sponsor the blood-sucking Fulani notherners to do it for us. The statement of Harold Wilson, the UK Prime Minister 1964 - 1970 over the British government plans to exterminate the Igbo race, as shown in the image above, speaks for itself.

Secondly, Harold Smith's situation shows that, with the British, everything is normal, lawful and religiously perfect, provided it's success is targeted towards destroying the strong-headed Igbo. Therefore, advising against any inhuman act designed for the Igbo, just as Smith had done, becaomes treasonable. These were the senses that the pious state of Harold Smith's heart could not let him have.

Now, one may wisely ask what Britain hopes to gain from the continuous inhuman torture on the Igbo race. The answers are not far-fetched. Because Briton rejoices in such a scene where others feel less measured, unequal and savagery before the more powerful and dreaded beasts of a people of continuous scavenging and saprophytically dependent nation as Britain, they will continue to subjugate us further against our own right to life. Kill and dominate has been the British plans, and they are unrepentant towards achieving the enslavement of the incapacitated natives. They did same to the red Indies.

It is no doubt that it was the sole purpose of controlling the vast mineral resources vested on the Igbo nation that Briton has never resolved to let Biafrans go. This was the primary reason for handing Nigerian government over to their Fulani acolyte. Of course, Horald Smith also mentioned that Nigerians were soon to discover that they were better off in the hands of the colonial master
Than in the hands of fellow Nigerians.

One thing I know is very Paramount; BIAFRA shall come, it doesn't matter whether the British like  it or not. BIAFRA shall surely come; it may not be exactly now, but it surely shall come and the Igbo shall be free. I hereby employ every Biafran to promote Plans for freedom through any means. Write about the dehumanization of Biafrans, finance issues about BIAFRA... and we shall have it soon.

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