More of The Funniest Wedding Day Photo Fails Ever

Weddings are truly beautiful events. Not only because they are a celebration of love, but also because folks spend months sometimes even a year planning them to perfection. Unfortunately, even with all the meticulous planning, things can still go horribly wrong, and somehow your wedding photographer is there to capture it.   These moments are so irresistibly funny that we had no choice but to go out and hunt for even more. So without further ado, here are even more hilarious wedding fails. The Centaur Bride Couldn't the photographer just fix the train of the dress so it didn't look like this bride had horse legs?! Apart from that, the photo would've been beautiful.   But hey, maybe the bride just didn't have time to shave. Odd Man Out Maybe his partner went to the bathroom right before they decided to take the picture. Or maybe he was the odd sibling that hasn't found his true love yet. Either way, he seems to be dealing with it perfectly fine.   Don't worry, bu