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Contents 1) The Metaphysics of African Oral Tradition - Universal cognate - Restricted cognate 2) Transcendental empiricism of African myths A) The duality myth - Animated duality - Cohabitation duality B) Celestial cosmography C) Totem 3) Mysteries of life in the Igbo cosmology - Agwu - Rejuvenation - Ike-Ishi 4) Cosmic Chain - Mind Control 5) Soul Travel - Mutant soul - Still bound - Purgation 6) Incarnation - Ogbanje: entity & Journey - living within lives - Reincarnation     - Memories of the Afterlife           - Memory by scar           - Memory by reflex 7) Igbo Geometry and the Metaphysis of Number The Mystery of the Number One The Mystery of the Number Two The Mystery of the Number Three The Mystery of the Number Four The Mystery of the Number Five The Mystery of the Number Six The Mystery of the Number Seven The Mystery of the Number Eight                                CHAPTER ONE

Preface to effective leadership and administrative efficiency among the flock.

                                                  Insight And Aaron shall bear the names of the children of Israel in the breastplate of judgment upon his heart, when he goeth in unto the holy place, for a memorial before the LORD contin ual ly.                                                (Exodus. 28 : 29.) Contents . Dedication. Insight. Foreword Preface. PART ONE The Preamble; Conditions for Effective Leadership . Chapters: One :   The Leader, Made. Two :   Having Your Field Defined. Three : Understanding the Nature and Time for the Field to Burn. PART TWO . The Leader and the Field. Four:   Leading a Rebellious Flock. Five :   The Peak of a Leader before the Led. Six:      The Need for a Hidden Leader. PART THREE. The Leader Slain within. Seven:   The Spoil that Hinders Revival I   Eight:    The Spoil that Hinders Revival II Nine:     The Spoil th


                                                                              DEDICATIONS.                                     To God, the author of marriage.                                                             & All friends and beloved yeaning to meet God’s target in their marriages.                                        ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS           I am     grossly indebted to the readers of this book in its first edition. Thousands of copies published and sold out to the teaming population within Nigeria, Africa and beyond. Seeing the needs for proper information about a matter which appears to be of general interest of the entire human race, it pleased my heart to appreciate the immeasurable contribution of NEMAC research companions. My involvement in this research companions in pursuit of the possible solution to marital problems led to the uniqueness of this new edition. I also owe unmentionable appreciation to friends wh