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EVOLUTION OF HUMAN TONGUES: MOTHER TONGUE AS ROUTE TO THE TRACE OF HUMAN HISTORICAL GENESIS By Onyeji Nnaji. Source : Journal of Linguistics, Language and Igbo Studies. V.1; No.1. Pages 113-149.                                               Abstract The leading novelist and critique in Kenya, James Ngugi Wa Thiongo, noted that “languae is the carrier of culture”. Since culture is the totality of the life of any people – the same also which derived its root from the people’s history – having language as the conveyor belt – history and language become interwoven and closely tied. It is pertinent to note that as a language user leaves a particular language community to another, the language in his possession changes its forms; sometimes sounds, codes and meaning. When this happens, the same language does not lose completely every possible feature that traces its root to its original source. By this view, this paper suggests that any language whose features are found in the