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Nigeria Electric Power Generation Collapsed to 38MW

National power grid. Data from the Federal Government on Tuesday indicated that the collapse of the national electricity grid that occurred the preceding day led to the crash in power generation from 3,713.1 megawatts to 38MW. Industry figures obtained from the Federal Ministry of Power showed that power generation on the grid as at 6am on Monday was 3,713.1MW, but this plunged to 38MW around 10.51am. The PUNCH  had reported on Tuesday that Nigeria suffered another nationwide power outage on Monday morning after the national electricity grid collapsed for the seventh time in 2022. Following the development, power consumer groups called for sanctions against operators or firms culpable of the incessant grid collapse that had characterised Nigeria’s electricity system since this year. The report further stated that industry figures seen on Monday indicated that power generation on the grid had risen to a peak of 4,100.80 megawatts on Sunday. It dropped to 3,713.1MW at 6am on Monday. But

My Letter to Chinedu Ashara for Distorting Igbo History - Onyeji Nnaji

Dear Chinedu, I unspeakably appreciate your paper, "The History of Igbo People in Nigeria", published at I must confess that you have taken enough time to achieve such a vast research work. Kudos sir and more power to your elbow. Beside the beauty and fancy I found on the job sir, permit me to point out that you did not touch the most recent discovery on Igbo origin. You did not precisely mention any particular source for the Igbo race, but I see you tilting towards the most outlandish belief that was propagated by our erudite scholar, A.E. Afigbo. In "The Spell of Oral Tradition...," Published in Cambridge University Press, Afigbo said that "Awka, Orlu and Okigwe are taken as the Igbo heartland of civilization...." Following this remark, later writers began to lay claim that the Igbo first settled around Orlu and Okigwe and later they moved to Awka. This is not true. I have  opposed Sophie Dickson's claim of this kind.  Please dear,, Igb

Australia’s Optus Contacts Customers Caught In Cyber Attack

 Australia’s number two telecommunications company, Optus, said on Saturday it was contacting customers about a cyberattack that accessed personal details of up to 10 million customers, in one of Australia’s biggest cybersecurity breaches. Chief executive Kelly Bayer Rosmarin said on Friday she was angry and sorry that an offshore-based entity had broken into the company’s database of customer information, accessing home addresses, drivers licence and passport numbers of the equivalent to 40% of Australia’s population. In an update on Saturday, the company, owned by Singapore Telecommunications Ltd, said it was contacting “all customers to notify them of the previously announced cyberattack’s impact, if any, on their personal details”. “We will begin with customers whose ID document number may have been compromised, all of whom will be notified by today. We will notify customers who have had no impacts last,” it said in a statement. “No passwords or financial details have been compromi

Democrats Push For Sex Change Surgeries And Chemical Castration on American Children (VIDEO)

The American Principles Project has released a new ad slamming Joe Biden and Democratic Arizona Senator Mark Kelly for  cosponsoring  a bill that would weaponize the Department of Justice and push “dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries on kids.” The video features child psychologist Miriam Grossman, M.D., who says, “We have to go out there and stop this. Our children deserve better.” The new law is sold as “A bill to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex, gender identity, and sexual orientation, and for other purposes.” It would empower the Department of Justice to “intervene in equal protection actions in federal court on account of sexual orientation or gender identity” and strip parents of their rights. It would also “prohibit an individual from being denied access to a shared facility, including a restroom, a locker room, and a dressing room, that is in accordance with the individual’s gender identity,” allowing any man into a women’s restroom based on what gender they th

Nnamdi Kanu can’t eat, lawyer says, seeks release

The legal team of the detained leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, has demanded his immediate and unconditional release from custody of the Department of State Services, to enable him have access to medical personnel of his choice. The demand was based on alleged excruciating pains on Kanu occasioned by his gastro intestine disorder. Kanu’s lead lawyer, Ifeanyi Ejiofor, in a statement on Friday, in Abuja, said that the detained IPOB leader had not been able to eat in the past 48 hours due to his poor health status. Ejiofor who issued the statement after another routine visit to Kanu in the custody of the Department of the State Service in Abuja explained that from all indications, the security agency had no facility to cope with health challenges of his client. The statement read in part, “As usual, the court-ordered routine visit to our client – Nnamdi Kanu – was conducted today, at the Department of State Services’ Headquarters, Abuja, where Kanu is sti