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The plan, according to government, is expected to gulp about N91billion in investments, while a profit of N2trillion is expected over the 10-year period. The Nigerian government has initiated a 10-year National Livestock Transformation Plan (NLTP) as part of efforts to address clashes between herdsmen and farmers. The plan, according to government, is expected to gulp about N91billion in investments, while a profit of N2trillion is expected over the 10-year period. The first phase of the plan will take care of grazing reserves in each of the seven pilot states of Adamawa, Benue, Kaduna, Nasarawa, Plateau, Taraba, and Zamfara which have been affected by herdsmen/farmers clashes, with four ranches (small, intermediate, medium and large) in each grazing reserve.  According to the plan as reported by Daily Trust newspaper, ranchers and rearers will be encouraged to bring their cattle to a fattening site wherein the cattle will be fed so as to boost average weight from 200-250


Over 3,000 additional active duty troops will be deployed to the southern US border to bolster security joining the 2,300 troops already there, several defense officials tell CNN. The additional forces will allow the Department of Defense to fulfill a Department of Homeland Security request for assistance that acting Secretary of Defense Pat Shanahan approved earlier this month. President Donald Trump confirmed that additional troops would be sent via a tweet on Thursday. "More troops being sent to the Southern Border to stop the attempted Invasion of Illegals, through large Caravans, into our Country. We have stopped the previous Caravans, and we will stop these also," Trump wrote. The combined active duty force at the border is expected to be slightly smaller than the mission's peak of 5,900 troops. The Pentagon had previously said that the new troops would be involved in "mobile surveillance and detection, as well as concertina wire emplacement betw


See this video below and prove Oshiomhole true. Speaking during the Presidential campaign of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state on Wednesday, Oshiomhole said, “I want to remind the people of Cross River that never ever can you forget a Nigerian leader in the person of former President Olusegun Obasanjo who ceded part of Cross River State to Cameroun because he was pursuing a Nobel Peace prize.” “He handed over the Nigerian territory to a foreign country and reduced Nigerians to become refugees. We can never forgive him. Nigeria will never forgive him. “There is no statesman in the modern world that would voluntarily cede part of his territory to a foreign country. “That crime committed by Olusegun Obasanjo… if we are too weak to punish him, history will punish him because no leader gives away his household and sends them to slavery”. Oshiomhole, therefore, urged the people of the Bayelsa to re-elect the president whom he believes will not only succeed in


Before discussing the ways in which passive sentences are formed, it is expedient to explain the meaning of voice because, passive is one of the voices of verbs. Voice refers to the verb form which shows whether a transitive verb acts or is acted upon. These situations give rise to two voices - Active and Passive . The  active voice, which is more common, shows when the subject does the action of the verb. For example:             - Jude collected the money. Here , Jude performs the action. It is placed in the subjective position. The passive voice shows a situation where the subject is acted upon. It suffers the action indicated by the verb. Example:             - The money was collected by Ali.   English sentences can begin with the subject or object. This is determined by the voice a sentence takes. Voice is the form a verb takes to indicate whether a person or thing does something or something has been done to a person or a thing. A voice describes the relationship