In our previous series we have taken time to discuss two capital issues in the marital bedrock. Of course, no one will be happy seeing her husband pilfering small girls that could not take their baths properly while she would wait endlessly at home. It is heartbreaking. Many women go on crying as though that would save the situation, while others take laws into their hands going to fight the girls involved. This was the solution my neighbour thought would be helpful and all she achieved was to make me pay for her husband’s loose life by sending my salesgirls away. This time, as we have noted in the previous series, we shall consider how you may teach him like he knows nothing.

The biggest mistake any woman can make is to conclude that the husband is good in all things, and as a result resigns to fate that she has to follow the trend of things the way she met them. By this means the woman prepares her mind to be taught by the husband what to do and how to do them. This is completely wrong and jeopardizing. Of course, if your husband is the one teaching you everything you should know and do, then you are playing with your future. For sure, any day he meets another woman that makes him see that he did not know much, that is the day he begins to lose confidence in you.

Some men are very natural and relatively sexless: they do not have this passion for sex. I have this type in the house. I married a man who would stay with a woman and would hardly see reasons to be moved sexually. In the beginning I felt he did not love me or that he felt I am not the right person for him. Sometimes I threw tantrum, yet it did not go anywhere. I only succeeded in making him feel guilty such that he began confessing that he has no other person but me. He told me how much he loved me. It took me days to understand that the fault was mine, then I had to adjust my position and took my place properly.

Now, it does not matter how good your husband is in bed, you must look for something to teach him like he doesn’t know them before. Of course we should know that it may not make any difference the bulk of knowledge in him about sex; what makes the difference is how you are able to take him sexually towards satisfaction. 

When he seems to be indifferent about the whole show and your expectations for it, you have a big duty. What it directly means is that you need to engineer the whole action. You do this by sparking it off and letting him follow suit. You may fondly sit on his laps. Then, draw his fingers closer to yourself. Raise it up to your breast and make him hold it. With this you have communicated with pragmatic language. He is expected to follow. But, should he feel reluctant or pretentious about your signs, then you can go extra mile. Bring his fingers to your vagina and make him to stroke your clitoris. The clip below may be helpful.

Learn how to sit on his laps even when he is not prepared for it. Learn how to hold his manhood and arouse his feeling for sex unequivocally. Roll his penis around your palm and make him feel certain sensations. With this you arouse him a little. 

When you have done this for sometimes, draw closer to him; kiss his lips and scratch his penis on your vagina (clitoris). At this point you will know and see that every man is possibly aroused, the problem is that you have not been doing it well.

The picture above will help you a lot. Learn how to suck his penis. Put it in your mouth and role the tip of his penis with your tongue. When you do this he will be stirred to follow suit. To end the arousal process is to properly insert his penis into your vagina. Do it yourself; do not wait for him to ask you to. of course, you should know that the man lasts longer when you are the one doing it, not him. As soon as you insert his penis you will see that he will deliberately comply. If he is not the type that likes sucking your vagina, you can make him suck it by sucking his penis regularly. You cannot practice that for three times and he will begin to reciprocate. Although he may not keep longer at the beginning; do not worry, he will soon perfect it.

Where your husband is good in bed, you need added knowledge to keep him within your laps. What you should do is, always take your bath with him. During this period, you should kick up certain play like playing with his penis. You may even move him to having sex in the bathing room. Make him to rest on you and have the confidence that you are there for him. With this he could approach you willingly. Should he need you when you are breastfeeding, you should know what to do; do not repel him. What you should do is simple, hold his penis, role the tip and suck it let him feel as if he is already inside your vagina. Do this until he releases. Always make him have the feeling that you are there for him. Watch out and see if he will crave for another girl. When you have achieved this, then you can move to step 3.

Helene Cain (Michigan, USA.)


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