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Mass abduction: The new approach by Lagos kidnappers

LAST year, following incessant incidents of kidnapping across the length and breadth of Lagos state in particular and the southwest region in general, the Nigerian Police Force and other security operatives rose up to the challenge posed by the rampaging abductors and managed to slow down the criminal wheel of the menace by foiling many kidnap attempts, securing the releases of already kidnaped persons before ransom could be paid and bringing many abductors into the dragnet of the law.
But just as Nigerians in the affected states were about to start rejoicing over the development, it appears the many gangs of kidnappers operating in the axis have deployed a new way of carrying on with their horrendous business without easily falling into the hands of law enforcement agents. In this piece, Assistant Editor, Dare Odufowokan, who investigated a couple of recent kidnap cases, reports that mass abduction of defenseless commuters and other citizens, may be the new trick being employed by cri…