BBNaija Lockdown: First fight, first kiss and Nengi wins Head of House

It’s Nengi’s time to shine, Lilo and Eric hook up, and Ka3na and Wathoni fight it out. Watch BBNaija LIVE online, 24/7 on Showmax.

Big Brother Naija Lockdown is being live-streamed 24/7 on Showmax and, only one week in, it has been throwing social media into a frenzy on a regular basis. The housemates assured fans of drama, spice and more, and they have not disappointed so far.
From fights to cuddles, here are some of the first moments from the start of the season.

1.   The first Head of House

The 22-year-old Former Most Beautiful Girl In Nigeria (MBGN) Top 5 contestant, Nengi Hampson, stayed true to her promise: to show the viewers that she was not only beautiful but smart and competitive too. She emerged the winner of the first Head of House challenge. For this season, the HoH has the privilege of selecting a deputy, plus other benefits, including an HoH Lounge with a fully-fitted kitchen, a private bathroom, living and bedroom area. Nengi picked Wathoni as her deputy.
Catch up on the BBNaija5 Head of House challenges on Showmax.

2.  The first couple

Lilo and Eric emerged as the first official couple in the Lockdown house. 24-year-old Eric Akhigbe and 23-year-old Lilo Aderogba clicked from the first day in the house and have remained inseparable ever since. Even with Lilo talking about a boyfriend outside the house, and Eric saying she is not his spec, the duo has stuck together. They finally shared the much-awaited kiss after the Saturday night party.

3.  The first fight

After five days of bonding, Big Brother Naija Lockdown recorded its first fight. The fight was born out of tension from a competitive game was between Ka3na and Wathoni. Ka3na angrily said to Wathoni: “See this small girl o, am I your mate? Don’t call my name.’’ Wathoni immediately replied: “If I call your name what will you do?’’ The housemates intervened and the tension died down but it did not end there. After the game, Ka3na continued shouting, which sent Wathoni crying to another room.  

4.  The first talent show

The BBNaija talent show saw the housemates playing karaoke. Kaisha taught housemates a song she wrote and composed for Big Brother while Tochi jumped in with a rap for it. The other housemates were not left out as they displayed their singing talents.

5.   The first diary session

This season’s first diary session was a lively one as the housemates gave us things to look forward to. From new discoveries to ships that might sail, to tears from Kaisha on account of all the housemates being fake, to Laycon asking if he can have freestyles with Biggie, the first diary session was a whole vibe.

6.   The first arena game

The first Arena Game was both challenging and exciting as it celebrated medical professionals. It was a game with five stages. Stage one was to kit up as a medical professional by sanitising first, wearing the stethoscope, gloves, hair net and mask. Stage two was to put items in the first aid kit; stage three was to prescribe drugs for the patients (5 green, yellow and red pills), the fourth stage was to jump the coronavirus obstacles on the ground without touching them and the final stage was to use the forceps to carry a test tube, pour the chemical in it and replace it.
It was fun watching the housemates trying to complete the tasks in two minutes. In the end, Nengi and Lilo emerged the winners as they finished all the stages in record time and with no mistakes, while the other Housemates were penalised for not finishing and not following the rules of the game.

7.  The first Saturday night party

The housemates definitely partied hard. Although the night started off slow, things picked up later on. Laycon was on fire, grinding with all the girls, while Erica and Tolani Baj proved to be queens of the party. Brighto, who had previously been trolled by fans, describing him as a pastor, shocked everyone by rocking the night away, even removing his shirt.

8.  The first kiss

Truth or Dare produced the first kiss of the season. After the highly-anticipated BBNaija Saturday Party, Wathoni was dared to kiss any guy of her choice for 20 seconds. After asking Nengi to pick between Prince and Kiddwaya for her, Nengi picked Kiddwaya and the pair shared a kiss. Eric and Lilo also shared a kiss after the Saturday Night party.

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