Ronna McDaniel: GOP Offers Supply Chain Solutions as Democrats Disappoint

Ronna McDaniel: GOP Offers Supply Chain Solutions as Democrats Disappoint

If you've been to the grocery store recently, you may have noticed that shelves are looking empty. 

It's not because of famine, drought, or war. It's because America has a supply chain crisis, and President Joe Biden is failing to fix it.

Right now, half a million shipping containers are stranded off the coast of Southern California, unable to unload their goods because of staffing scarcity at every level. Portsare operating at only 60% to 70% capacity.

A truck driver shortage has resulted in 13 loads for every operating truck at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, and warehouses are quickly filling to capacity as goods wait to be transported. Rail yards are facing a similar struggle.

Union Pacific Railroad — America's second largest rail company — has been overwhelmedwith freight, causing cargo to pile up in Joliet, Illinois, the company's intermodal rail yard.

The problem became so bad in July that Union Pacific temporarily suspended all trains coming from the West Coast, which only led to further port congestion.

The supply chain crisis comes as Americans are already feeling the pinch of Democrats' economic policies.

Everyday goods are becoming increasingly expensive. Gasoline prices are up 42%, and electricity costs 5% more. Kitchen staples are more expensive, too. Bacon is up an astounding 19% since last September, eggs will cost you 12% more, and the price of chicken has surged 7%.

Businesses, already ravaged by a year of Democrat-led pandemic restrictions, have struggled to rebuild their workforces.

Many Americans opted to stay home since Joe Biden and Democrats chose to pay them more not to work. Those who have returned to their jobs have seen higher prices eat up their wages.

And now, vaccine mandates are forcing workers in all industries to choose between medical freedom and their jobs, a prospect that would only worsen the supply chain crisis.

Some truckers are warning that a vaccine mandate would cause many drivers to quit, compounding the worst labor shortage the industry has seen in almost 40 years. Railway employees are also threatening to strike over the vaccine mandate.

The Biden administration's reaction has been to not just downplay the crisis but to shamelessly spin it as a win.

Biden's chief of staff Ron Klain ridiculously claimed that rising costs for food and other basic items are "high-class problems."

And Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg had the audacity to say the supply chain crisis was because Biden "has successfully guided this economy out of the teeth of a terrifying recession." Instead of offering solutions, Buttigieg said disruptions will "continue into next year."

News flash for the Biden administration: American families are struggling to make ends meet, paying more for food, and worrying about whether a Christmas gift for their kids will arrive by December.

Those aren't high-class problems. To suggest otherwise shows just how out of touch Biden and Washington Democrats have become.

While the White House's message seems to be "get used to it" Republicans like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis are stepping up to end the crisis.

DeSantis is encouraging ships waiting to dock in California to come to the Sunshine State, which has the capacity and staff to unload and transport cargo.

"We in Florida have the ability to help alleviate these logjams and ameliorate these problems with the supply chain," DeSantis said. "It really is, I think, a model for the rest of the country."

That's the kind of bold, innovative, Republican leadership that will reverse the supply chain crisis and rebuild the economy.

At a time when American workers and businesses are struggling with a stagnant economy, Biden and Democrats have consistently shown they are unwilling or unable to help. Empty shelves and clogged ports are just the latest example.

Americans desperately need leadership. They're finding it in the GOP.

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