IGBO GEOMETRY - Onyeji Nnaji

The Mystery of Number, “Three.” in the Igbo Cosmology. From: Aspects of the Ancient African Metaphysics; Chapter: Seven; Topic: Igbo Geometries and the Metaphysics of Numbers. Author: Onyeji Nnaji. As I have noted earlier in this chapter, the figure four holds a great significance in the mythical imperative of the Igbo people. First, it stands for the four market days of the Igbo settlement. Four market days: Oye, Afor, Nkwọ and Eke mark the completion of the Igbo market week called Izu. The same forms the Igbo pillar of existence with empirical concept drawn from the creation myths. It embodies the concept of life and existence in the Igbo cosmology. Wikipedia has the following record about this view,   Igbo cosmology presents a balance between the feminine and masculine, perhaps, with a preponderance of female representation in Igbo lore. In Igbo cosmology, the world was divided into four corners by the high god corresponding to èké órìè àfọ̀ ǹkwọ́ which ar


  B orrowing from the rich oral tradition of Nkalaha people, ink and paper are not enough to fully inculcate to the minds of this contemporary society the civilization of this people, Nkalaha, since the pre-colonial days till date. The Europeans had contacts with this part of Igboland in the early twentieth century, but the civilization of the inhabitants of the community dates from their pre-colonial days. Nkalaha is a highly civilized community which had been conditioned by law and order which have since time immemorial promoted self-dependence and share struggle among individuals in the community. The Whiteman’s definition of civilization bothers on two concepts: development and organized society. The former is generally conceptual; development is perceivable. Whatever form of improvement in the society which is perceived by the inhabitants of such society to promote the development of human nature can, in this concept, be referred to as civilization. The development of human


T he name Nkalaha is a coinage which stands for a people occupying a geographical land and regional setting in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is a coinage which attempts to explain the direction of movement and adventure of the men who founded the community in the beginning. According to oral sources and some documentation about this community, some of these men were believed to have traveled from Ida, old Benue state of Nigeria to inhabit the land. These men had traveled on different days to locate the place. Onojah who originally founded the land was said to have been in a deep search for a place of safety as he was besieged by a fate that appeared to make him somewhat incompatible with his own people. Other works bothering on Nkalaha are stated below. Touch any of the topics and read them to increase your understanding of your home. Make comments where necessary. *  The History of Nkalaha language *  Myth and the Nkalaha world *  The negative effects of politics in Nka