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The biggest risk every marriage faces is what I call the retiring time. There is actually no retiring time for marriage as the union directly speaks of itself. But many marriages normally do have certain time in their history when the couples begin to ware away from the other like a baked clod-and-pebble. By this time the parties find it difficult to retrace the path that once brought them together. You may have heard “I don’t think I sought your hands in marriage with clear eyes”. Next, they may say that the other used means on them. It is not always so, even when some people believe that someone could use means as a wooing instrument.  Some of the causes of such situations have been discussed in the series 1 through 3. But when someone does not have any of these problems discussed in the series, then it is simply that such a wife needs to make herself look relatively younger that her age to enforce attraction on her husband. To do this one need to package herself properly.

Let’s digress a little. One should not be ablative about the way we are particularly concerned with my fellow women. We are this way in particular because, morally, the home belongs to the woman, not the man. This is the more reason why, in the traditional society, anytime a child is immoral the mother is always the object of reference for blame. We are closer to the children and stay closer to the house than the men. Put simply; women are more home conscious than their husbands. In Soul, it is traditional that the home belongs to the woman, not her husband as obtained in every other society. For me, I believe that we can correct our husbands through our own characters; put them aright through our candid advice; help reduce extravagant expenses by educating them to save and set their focus to the proper part by shaping their focus through our prayers. As long as any woman fits in well as a neck for the man she has above her, she can do anything for her husband. That is why we are particularly concerned with wives.
Three parts of a woman’s body abide that she needs to package properly in other to retain her position. They are: her face, her breasts and her vagina.

The Woman’s Face

My husband and I took a walk to the nearest mall “Coach Pactony” on our street, here in Michigan. Just as we were stepping into the mall, a girl strolled pass us as she moved from one row to another in the mall behind a trolley. “What a beauty!”, I exclaimed in my mind. She has this structure that any man would certainly need for his wife. I am not one, but I obviously know that men need the kind of structure she carries. Unfortunately, while we were still shopping in Coach Pactony Mall, we properly met the same girl coming towards us from an opposite direction. This time I recognized her, but what I saw as her face was completely out of imagination for the beauty I beheld fewer minutes ago. She is a good example of one deformed by her face. Who, beholding the Genevieve Nnaji in Lion Heart, would believe that she was born in 1979. At least, she is natural hear without any face filler. 

Image result for lion heart genevieve

Face packaging requires careful observation of one’s activities and feelings. This may appear relatively ridiculous. People that seek artificial ointment to fix their faces do so when they have destroyed their faces with ill feelings and certain unnatural acts. Beyond reasonable doubt, 75% of the activities that affect a woman’s face come from the numerous times she allows anger to affect her more than smile. Another thing that affects a woman’s face, also resulting from feeling, is improper coitus. A young lady who chooses to be a coy mistress to a man who is much older than her is intentionally and purposefully inviting old stature. The scripture is true about this when it remarked that yoking oneself with another makes the party to share the same body.

Do you not know that he who unites himself with a prostitute is one with her in body? …" (I Cor 6:16).
Invariably, the old man takes of the lady’s younger stature and the lady likewise. This is purely a nature course. Look out for such a young lady and the flashy things her sugar daddy throws on her; return to her in about five years’ time and compare her face with other girls at her stage. The result of this experiment will surprise you. It does not only affect a girl’s face; it leads to early sagging of women buttocks. Apart from feelings and affections, the remaining 25% result from damages caused by both natural and unnatural occurrences. To keep a refreshed facial type, try so much of smile than getting angry or frowning.

 The Breast
Every woman needs to be conscious of this simple fact: every man celebrates a wife that could sustain the strength of her breast, at least, for some time after she is over with child birth. Nobody that has kept hers did take to the practice of sustaining the strength of her breast immediately when she was over with child birth; all that did, even me, started it earlier with the consciousness of what we hoped to achieve at the end. The preparedness for this practice is the biggest way paved towards success at the end. Then the practice itself is simply taking a bold step of faith. So, for those who would want to keep their husbands at perpetual admiration of them, the first step is the preparedness of the mind, while the next is to follow the practices precisely.

To hold your breast from untimely fall, you will try to avoid violent sex. Violent sex is the type one has with someone who is not her husband and is not prepared to take her for a wife at the end. Many women do not know that their flat breast situation started here. To know what violent sex is, one needs to ask a lady who had suffered rape for the first time. Her experience will shade light to what we are trying to draw mind to. No rapist handles his less assailant girl with care. You notice this violence first from the way he handles the girl’s breast. He does not play with the girl’s breast the way her husband would play with it to arouse her. When any man handles your breast violently, note it, he does not have anything to do with you more than to just use and drop you.

Any man that handles your breast violently as shown in the pictures above is a hired instrument for your destruction. Your husband wants something to glory and brag about you. The quality of your breast can do well to stair his affection more for you. For this reason, he would only caress and stroke them, not handling them carelessly. The breasts are made to be caressed, not to be pressed like a deflected football. There is no air in the breast; the breast contains lactate fibre responsible for milk production. To press the breast is simply the attempt to slack its position. Violent sex has put the breasts of countless number of teens out of shape. It is wickedness. It was not so in the beginning of things.   

To make your breast stand like the type shown above, there are certain natural ingredients the breasts would need to absorb. Certain mixtures can keep the breast strong and lasting before it finally falls. The first picture above is that of a mother after two times of child birth and breastfeeding. She achieved this through the following vegetables: alovera cream and cucumber. Grind them thoroughly and mix with spoonful of turmeric powder (the number of spoonful should be decided by the quantity of the mixture you’ve ground); then add raw egg of the same quantity (do not include the yoke). Mix this properly and apply the mixure round about your breasts before you go to bed at night. Practice this until the breasts (which have already begun to sag) are brought together. The substance from the egg will help fasten the dryness of the mixture on the breast before you sleep. I will like to know about the result when you are through. Do drop a comment on the success. When you did not succeed, do well to let us know how you did it and we will advise you on the best process. I wish you good luck     

The Vagina
The vagina is a part of the vulva but nut itself the vulva. The vulva is the outer wall of the female genital organ, while the vagina is the narrow track that makes coitus and fertilization possible. The vagina is an opening made up of a soft fallopian, the kind of the human intestine, running from the vulva through the uterus. 

Round about the vagina is a large elastic muscular wall that sustains it prior and after child birth. This wall is responsible for the restoration of the vagina to its tight position after child birth, many days without sex. It is responsible for the pain a virgin and woman who stayed away from sex for a longer time perceive during sex. Frequent sex is the main factor that contributes to the widening of the woman’s vagina. Direct sex apart, the use of multiple fingers and artificial penis widen the vagina faster. Another is child birth. This situation can be reversed through abstinence from sex and exercise.

To reverse the widening of one’s vagina is simply to create atmosphere for the sweet and enjoyable sex at the right time. When the vagina is tight the man enjoys sex as well as the woman. But the job of keeping this part straight and stretched remains the exceptional role of the woman. The husband however can help. The area the husband can help is on the part of exercise.  Exercise like the type shown below can be encouraged by the husband. He should also see that the woman is reminded to exercise her vagina muscle on dailies.       

The most common exercise for the pelvic floor is called a Kegel exercise. To perform a Kegel is to tighten the same muscles that can stop the flow of urine midstream. Hold the muscles for a set length of time before releasing and then repeat steadily. A woman should perform Kegel exercises throughout the day.

There is however a cultural practical method introduced by a black woman and recommended to married women who would want to keep their husbands from seeking another well outside his home. I have not practiced it but I am convinced that it will work. See the video below.


!!!! See also step five: Learn to Work on your Husband


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