Still a Victim: Nigerians in a Perpetual Internal Bondage - Onyeji Nnaji

The statement of Bukola Sariki, the Senate President of Nigeria on the reasons why Nigerians should vote Atiku Abubaka made those of us in the other parts of Africa to suspect certain element of truism in the claims made by the Biafra activist on the continuous unhealthy political situation in Nigeria. The Biafra leader may be said to be barking from oversea; following the one-time governor of one of the states in Nigeria, Ayodele Fayose, on twitter exposes one to more information about hidden issues in Nigeria. And sometimes I think Nigerians do not see or read people’s posts online, especially those things that Nigerians in diaspora see and write in the different search sites. Or perhaps they have been taught to live their lives in recluse like they never existed. That is why I had to plead with the ajuede admin to publish this paper; maybe someone may find it useful.     
According to Bukola Sariki, “We will vote Atiku Abubaka, at least he is a Nigerian”. This statement as quoted by the Kanu led Radio Biafra is what I feel Nigerians could not interpret. The reason is that, according to Atiku who spoke about himself as can be found everywhere on the internet, he is a fellow Fulani like the seating president of Nigeria, Buhari. What could be better known to Sariki that the rest of his countrymen did not know? Does it mean that Buhari is an outsider, probably from Chad or any of the Islamic nations bounded to Nigeria? If not so, then the news all over the internet about Buhari’s death might be true. Bukala’s statement, to me, is a clear indication that Nigerians have willingly accepted to remain in perpetual slavery.

Looking at all these, it suddenly occurred to me to examine the Nigerian coat of arm, a process during which I saw that what is happening in Nigeria today did not just sprout up and grew up untimely; instead it had been a systematic plan but Nigerians did not know. The image of Nigerian coat of arm is shown below.    
The first dilemma the inhabitants of Nigeria did not know is the meaning of the Nigerian coat of arm and the solemn elegance that accompanies it. The coat of arm, adopted in 1975, is flippantly explained to reflect Unity and Faith, Peace and Progress; but nothing in the picture before us reflect peace, let alone speaking of unity. Horse generally connotes strength; eagle stands forforesightedness. In the animal kingdom, there is no direct relationship between eagles and horses. The only relationship they maintain is that they are both members of the animal kingdom. You will be shock if you understand the meaning of this concocted code set in place to rule Nigerians.

To begin with, Nigeria is the only country whose history of her coat of arm has suddenly flown to oblivion. But it is not true. The truth is simple: if the masses should have glimpse of the source of the coat of art, nothing will further prevent political revolution. Who drew the Nigerian coat of arm? An answer to this will tell you the reason and purpose for the figure. But I know that the source will never be released. Should it be, I bet you, it must be one of the Jihadists in the northern Nigeria. Ask me for my coat of arm or the meaning as shown below. The answer will not be far fetched.
The Zambian coat of arm was designed by a government graphic artist who worked in Northern Rhodesia information services. Her name was Mrs. Gabrielle Ellison. The Zambian coat of arm was drawn to reflect youthful efforts orchestrated by active forces applied on the country’s rich soil. The lobe of corn in between the youths represents the one popular cereal crops that Zambia was known for. The youths are holding a banner that represents the disproportionate water fall that waters the alluvial soil of the Zambians. Watch the image precisely, you will see that the eagle does not stand on the farm tools under it; instead it is suspended on the air. This means that with hands together, each holding the farm tools, we set the country to soar. The inscription is clear, “ONE ZAMBIA ONE NATION. It is not the same with the Nigerian situation as revealed below.

The horses stand for combined might, propelled from two sides out of the three major tribes that make up Nigeria. These are the strength of the country depicted here with the strength of horses. The horses are painted in white. A cursory mind would quickly say that it symbolizes purity, following the interpretation of symbols by Dan Brown; but it is not true. The colour of the horses indicates originality: the horses must have come from a common source base on consanguinity. Of course, the Yoruba and Igbo oral history established this fact. According to Euba (a Yoruba writer), the Igbo father was the older brother of Oduduwa. And from all indications these tribes are the real indigenous Nigerians since the rest of the tribes are believed to have sprouted from these mega tribes. There was no Housa in the beginning until the era of the Bayajidan myth, all the way from the Middle East, and the much latter Fulani domination via Danfodio led Jihad, all the way from Futajelon.

Now, both horses standing side-by-side of the shield connotes war, misunderstanding, struggle and the difficulty to come to term by the two mega tribes. One should ask himself why the shield? At least, since the primary intention was to incorporate the position of the Niger-Benue Rivers, the horses or whatever image standing sideways should hold the “Y” at both edges. The shield is an instrument of war introduced by the north through the British assistance to create civil unrest amidst the south and the west; for at any time they come together, Nigeria will not stand as a nation again.  For example, I read from the different accounts of the Nigerian civil way that the main point that weakened Biafra started from the very time Awolowo instructed the Yoruba leader of the Biafra troop heading west to declare the republic of Oduduwa to desist from the decision. Right there the Yoruba joined the Nigerian troop and faced the Biafran troops he was their commander. Until hitherto, there is a continuous disagreement, hate speeches, web war and untold hatred between these tribes. The reason is to continually disintegrate them against notions. As found in our coat of arm above that the both genders stood on the fertile soil of Zambia, the same applies here. Both horses standing on the soil signifies that they are the real indigenes.

The eagle is clear here as the foresighted animal who had seen the future and had worked very hard to sustain it through their ingratiation with the acolyte race. The north knew that they had nothing sufficient enough to keep a nation; the best thing was to seek the assistance of Briton to acquire power. So, the eagle has to rest on the rail in order to totally dominate.

You can now know why the north is in control of power; and they are prepared to go any mile in order to still hold to power.  This is why today; Dangote group of company does not pay tax in Nigeria. Yet, it has never occurred to the masses that Dangote is a general Islamic company operating with Nigerian funds unnoticed. The same applies to the dominant Islamic banking. All these are preparations for a total takeover of power, commerce and industry. Look at the two logos above; if you can see any difference then it is apparent that your eyes are faulty.

I wish Nigerians will understand that as long as these things remain the nation will never see peace; instead it will experience greater domination. Some pieces of information in the videos on YouTube confirm what I have just said, and I will show you one. In an interview with Sir. Ahmedu Bello at the aftermath events of the military coup, he remarks thus:                                

"By the time I came here, the northerners were not living to their responsibilities until I began to enlighten them. In actual fact, what it is – is a northerner first. If we can’t get a northerner, then we take an expatriate on contract; if we can’t, then we will employ another Nigerian, but on contract too. This is going to be permanent as I say for as far as I can proceed…" (Real Story; a video by Jide Olanrewaju). 

From this day hence, power has remained with the north. And as Bello said, anyone seeking to have it must be given it as a contract. That was why some Yoruba nationalists formed ally with the north. From Harold Smith we gathered that:
Abubakar [Tafawa Balewa] dropped in again this morning to report further on the “situation.” He showed me a paper, which recorded the results of his talks withMr. Akintola and Mr. Rosojion 16th December. These followed an earlier meeting on 15th December at which the Sardauna and someone else from the Action Group,Mr. Awolowo, were present
The reason for this ally was to overtake Nnamudi Azikiwe who was then the national leader of the prominent NCNC political party. It did not end there; for God paid Awolowo in his own coin. In the 1970/80s, M.K.O. Abiola formed ally with the north in order to frustrate Awolowo’s political career and buy chances for his political aspiration. Also in 2015, the former general Olusegun Obasanjo formed ally with the north in order to dethrone President Goodluck Jonathan. You can see the battle of the horses while the eagle is expanding and fattening from the riches of the south. Your problem is hidden in the coat of arm; for as you recite the pledge each time, you are swearing solemnity, loyalty and allegiance to your subordination on dailies. Go to the north and watch how many schools sing the pledge. I have a twitter follower from Adamawa who alleged that they do not know the anthem or the pledge. Maybe it is the reserve of the slave south and west for the perpetuation of their incarceration.


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