My Letter of Caution to Simon Ekpa - Onyeji Nnaji

In a world of chaos it is a person with literary eyes who foresees the danger ahead resulting from the trouble within. That was why, in the 1960s, the giant, Chinua Achebe, made the following rhetoric,

"Any literary artist who fails to discuss the contemporary issues in his society is likely to end up being irrelevant.

Should we continue with the old theme when new injustices have sprung up in our society?

I think not."

It is only a mad man who sits down and watches his house in flame-and-smoke. Therefore, because I am not one, I feel it would be wickedness if I should be complacent in this current hard time of our dear nation, Biafra. Having written to Dr. Nelly Ofoegbu and members of the DOS, I see it pertinent to drop this piece to Simon Ekpa

Dear Simon Ekpa,

When I see a young man with a high spirit of Biafra as I found in you, I feel great and fulfilled. You have almost the same vibrating reflex that was found in Apostle Pater. Sizing you both gave me the impetus to believe that you may likely have similar flaws like the biblical Peter. I assume this way about you because of certain unsupposed actions I found you in.

I knew virtually nothing about you until your voice became prominent in Radio Biafra. Most remarkably, explicit knowledge of your person came to me precisely via your Biography where you stated that you held from Ngbo communities in Ebonyi State. Having documented the history of your community by my humble self, reminiscing the intolerable blood that flows in the veins of your people (Ngbo eje ogu) which I believe flows in your vein also, I feel I should advise you a little. 

In a zoom programme where you engaged His Excellency Mazi Nnamdi Kanu in a thought-provoking interview, Onye Ndu ended the programme with a kandid advice like the simililar piece given to apostles Peter. Onye Ndu specifically and pinpointedly enjoined you never to allow the devil to enter you. He spoke this adhesively as though he could see the future from that moment. You responded positively but sagaciously with your usual smile; promising never to allow Satan to come inside you. Surprise, your words and actions later on appeared to tell that, it is either you did not understand Onye Ndu or that a spirit had replied him through you, just like Peter's. See the video here.

Now, on the day Mazi Nnamdi Kanu was extraordinarily renditioned to Nigeria, the news cought everybody. In disbelief, many called me to confirm the incident. Among the people that came to me, one said that "Simon Ekpa did a broadcast yesterday and he said that there are many more Nnamdi Kanu hidden". This statement may be figurative, but other aspects of its analysis show clear political undertone. What was on your mind when you made this statement may not be the same with your adherents. The many followers you recorded thereafter was due to the hunger to hear or see the many Nnamdi Kanu whom you promised. The only thing you could furnish their minds with was division, confusion and dissuasion which climaxed a total repudiation of the DOS structure on whom you too should depend.

Secondly, your introduction of autopilot as a rebellious mission against what you considered a brusque way of ending the fruitful sit-at-home was not too good. I am personally not pleased with your suspension by the DOS and I have let my feelings known to them. But, nobody would have suspended you when you have not been found with certain misgivings believed to be contrary to the dream of the struggle. I am convinced that there is no how all the members of the DOS would unanimously agree to push you out without cautionary reasons. Yes, with autopilot you you gained greater population closer to yourself, but the danger is that leading them rebelliously against the DOS. I know the insult I have received from your followers for writing a commendable letter to the DOS.

The reason for much of these brutal attacks and hostility intents among IPOB is because of the antagonistic approaches you have against yourselves. Go back to all those videos you made against the DOS, hear yourself out and ask yourself whether you could do such videos in your right senses as an IPOB member. Supposedly you swore an oath of secrecy to become a member, would you have done these videos against the struggle? Do all these show that you have not allowed Satan to enter you as you promised MNK? I think not. If you doubt me, play this clip.

Before the spirit of any struggle, individual wishes are secondary. That is what has held this struggle and has this far under the leadership of MNK. He has needs and reasons to make merchandise of this movement, but suppressed them all because of the over-lording need of the struggle. He even said that if it was easy for him to give up this struggle, looking at the hatred that accompanied it, he would be glad to do so. But on dailies, the spirit pressed him harder to do the needful for Biafrans to be free. Achebe made the same remark in 2008, Ojukwu olso had this aspect in his story. Great men think alike.

If you say that you are still in the struggle and led by the Biafran spirit, as you promised MNK, go get the December, 2021 video where you were dancing victorious song with your friends during a supposed end of the year party and watch yourself again. I was amazed to see you winning and dancing with your friends to the victory against your said enemies, your brothers and members of the DOS. The message that video gave to me was the true picture of the unreasonable Peter who, rather than mourn the disappearance of his master, took the rest of the disciples to fish in the river. You did not only mock MNK by this video, you also celebrated his disappearance which gave you prominence. 

Note: I am not against criticism; I am against it's destructive type. And I feel bad because you and your believed group are criticising the DOS destructively. I Know you may say they condemned you before their audiences. That is true. But you are a learned colleague; you can constructively amend whatever they had said about you and state reasons for your defence during your programmes. Visit the Origin of Yoruba and see the insult rained on the Igbo simply because, i, the writer is Igbo. Then see my own side of defence. It is not always easy, but remember that two wrongs do not make a right. If Barr. Aloy Ejimakor could tolerate the insult and open accusation thrown at him by Dr. Nelly Ofoegbu through your programmes, who am I to think I cannot be criticised. Not even you are free. I am afraid, with all these things I have pictured about you, that you may take the path of Barr. Emeka Emeka from Nnawi. Please, don't.

Finally, I saw a post where you set out to tell people "What MNK said about Iduu". Whatever you have to say about Iduu should be held to yourself. Do not use it to misdirect people from their focus on Biafra struggle. I was the one who personally wrote about Idu and the peopling of the entire Umudiala. It was the same document that led people to know better about Idu and the origin of  Benin. Please, there is nothing like Iduu in the Biafran course. Idu belongs to Benin, not Biafra. 


My people say that it is not the day a child spills palm oil that he is beaten' but the day he throws the oil-raw, locally called "Oguru" in Nkanu dialect. This is the common knowledge lacking in you all; from the DOS down to Nelly and you. You people have allowed your individual intentions and interest to overtake those of the struggle. You all lack the temperament that allows the judgement day to decide the end. But you and Dr. Nelly should think differently because you are more learned and vocal than them all, as I think. When you join in the group of spoilers, it becomes almost apparent that our problem lies with the elites. That is why MNK always said that the education we have is a very wrong one.

I hereby plead that it is not over until it is over, and it will only be over the day Biafra comes. It will not change your name or your Finis nationality. A true mark of humility is the ability to ignore one's height when matters of life are at hand. My father said that it is too late to go to the court when a head is already on the ground. I need you to reconcile back to the IPOB family under the leadership of the DOS. It will only cost you pride, nothing else. As you do so, may the good God who had informed this struggle guide your heart. Iseee!!!!!

Thanks from me,

Onyeji Nnaji


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