Tinubu allegedly bribed NCC, others $20m to track Peter Obi’s phone calls, Committee set up to scrutinize his calls


A citizen, Mr. David Eferode, has revealed that the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, allegedly bribed officials of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) and others $20 million to track the phone calls of the Labour Party (LP) presidential candidate, Mr. Peter Gregory Onwubuasi Obi.

Mr. Eferode made the revelation in a


made on his Twitter handle,


, late Sunday evening.

He tweeted:

The post has attracted 478 comments, 2,865 retweets and 4,527 likes, including 242,700 impressions on Twitter as at the time of this publication.

See a screenshot of the tweet below:

The story was somehow corroborated by Mr. Valentine Obienyem, the Personal Assistant on Media to Peter Obi in a press release he made available to newsmen on Sunday.

Mr. Obienyem made it clear that one “Engr J I”, evidently referring to Engineer Joe Igbokwe, is coordinating the rather coordinated attacks.

In the statement entitled “

 Obi versus Oyedepo: Too bad! 

“, Obienyem wrote:

“I heard they set up a Committee made up of some people from National Communications Commission, headed by our prodigal brother from Nnewi.

“They are reviewing all calls Obi made in the last three years, and especially now to see if he mentioned Interim Government or anything that will make them prosecute him for treason when and if they take over.

“Till now, they are yet to see any.

“The badly doctored conversation with Bishop Oyedepo released by our Nnewi prodigal brother is the much they have discovered so far.

“They edited out the Muslim-Muslim ticket that led to the discussion, where Obi said that in a society like ours, religious balancing was a necessary consideration and that their recklessness had made Christians to assume it was a religious war.”

Earlier, Obienyem had derided the opponents of Peter Obi in a series of posts on his social media handle who, he said, are trying very hard “to demonise Obi”.

Titled “

 The Birds of Prey 

“, Obienyem wrote:

“The choice of Mr. Peter Obi as the President, evident in his overwhelming but stolen votes, is by universal opinion the best and happiest choice. If not because of his restraining influence and pacific inclination, the country should be burning by now.

“There is always a limit to which citizens fighting for genuine independence should be treated. If we want to be frank to ourselves, we must admit that the anger in the land has reached the boiling point where it is presently simmering.

“The camp of Pablo Escobar realises this and is doing everything possible to demonise Obi. At last, they thought that manipulating the result, where they took him from the first position to the third position would render his will to continue impotent.

“The last desperate attempt was to gather some experts in communication under the lead of the prodigal (Engr J I). I understand the budget is irresistible to those without honour. “Get or contrive any crime and publish same against him”, is the subsisting charge.

“The way they doctored the trending conversation justifies the insistence that the entire conversation is fake – unrecognisable from the original.

“Did you notice that the birds of prey have suddenly gathered to feast on what they thought was a mistake? They are all over the place going personal against Val.

“Their anger and frustration rest on what they perceive as Val’s unrelenting defence. Why should he not cease defending this man so that we shall have the opportunity of eating him raw? For me, loyalty is blind!

“Some of them are only annoyed that his life is full of virtues and not tainted by stories of drug trafficking, concatenation of mistresses, intrigues and falsification of everything, including age, parentage and origin. Must Obi remain an unusual politician, they said to themselves?

“They pray daily he makes a little mistake, out of descent respect for the frailties of man; hence, they probe him unceasingly. When they could not ensnare him, they doctored an innocuous statement he made in such a way that it is reasonable right to dismiss the entire publication as fake.

“I can also see some inconsequential idiots and mediocrities alternating disjointed and amusing argument among themselves with the eagerness of a hound sniffing blood.

“They see it as an opportunity to excoriate Val who does not even know they exist. And what are they doing? They are barbarously expressing absurdities, which only geniuses understand.

Also, Obienyem continued in another post entitled “

 Wait for another four years? 

” over Tinubu’s

“Nobody is interested in that shopping for legitimacy! Knowing how the election was “won”, the irreducible demand of Nigerians is that the man who stole the mandate of the people should not for any reason answer the president of this country even for a minute. Nigerians want the judiciary to quicken the process and complete it before the 29th.

“On the logic of waiting for another four years, I can only say that with what the man did even when he was not the president, we can deduce what he can do as President. At that time, there might be no voting but declared results.

“This is a case of elders destroying the country!”

Another anonymous tweep, @PIDOMNIGERIA, revealed that a compromised telecommunication company Peter Obi’s line is subscribed to, produced his call records (CDRs) since he joined Labour Party to contest for President till recently.

According to the poster, the officials set out time to listen to his telephone conversations hoping to hear him support, or call for interim national government, through his phone conversations so they can have every reason to arrest and charge him for treason.

“They found nothing against him… Not even protest” he noted.

He added that “someone from that agency, leaked that audio, but it was badly edited to suit a certain narrative.”


“A certain security agency in Nigeria (Name withheld) compromised the telco company Peter Obi’s line is subscribed to, to get his call records (CDRs) since he joined (LP) to contest for President, till just recently. They took time to listen to his telephone conversations.

“They were hoping to hear him support, or call for interim national government, through his phone conversations. So they can have every reason to arrest him, and charge him for treason, alongside the people he must have discussed with. But they found nothing against him.

“They found nothing tangible to nail him with. They listened to his phone conversations with notable Nigerians, both locally, and across the globe.

“They found nothing. Not even protest.

“Someone from that agency, leaked that audio, but it was badly edited to suit a certain narrative.

“The phone conversations between Peter Obi and Bishop Oyedepo, was about the Muslim-Muslim ticket. Obi said, in a society like Nigeria, religious balancing was a necessary consideration. But the recklessness of those pushing for Muslim-Muslim ticket, has made some Christians to assume this election is a religious war.

“But the people behind this propaganda, carefully edited, cut and joined the conversation, to appear as if Peter Obi, was calling for a religious war. Just to paint his candidacy, as religiously driven movement.


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