Facts about the Never-Achieved Igbo Presidency - Onyeji Nnaji

Information they said is power. One who keeps himself away from information will certainly aid strangers to sell off his heritage. That is the situation the aboriginal Nigerian population is doing today with their Fulani foragers slave masters. The Igbo situation is the worst. The Igbo leaders and political office holders have decided to be the biggest fool in the history of Nigerian politics.

When I read the work of a Zambian on the mystery behind the Nigerian Coat of Arm, I began to come to the realization of the fact that the southern part of Nigeria had been inclusively controlled through mystic codes. Nobody has ever explained the meaning of the  images used to decorate the Nigerian Coat of arm until when the Zambian writer made this revelational truth open. Every Southerner should read that paper and see himself on the mirror of one whose destiny has been robbed completely. That is when you will know the meaning of Dangote business logo and that his business is officially for the promotion of Islamic agenda in Nigeria.

Another revelational upturn is recently found on the Nigerian currency as unravelled by an Igbo international researcher. From his observation, any Igbo politician who still wants to be relevant should begin now to embrace the Biafran struggle. They should know that there was something the Late literary lord, Chinua Achebe saw that made him to say that "Biafra will come, but the time is what I don't know". Two factors are responsible for the mirage dream of Igbo Presidency never to be a reality.

One of these factors is the British bridge. What I refer to as the British bridge is the internal structure built by the British government to protect the interest of the part of Nigeria they passionately refer to as "Our friends", the Fulani leaders from the north. The British saw Nnamdi Azikiwe the major obstacle to the smooth exercise of British authority in Nigeria. They saw his preparedness for a nation beyond the absolute control of the British. What they did was to get him encroached by indirectly offering him financial assistance. So, when he had actually got the independent and was warming up to become the president of Nigeria, they tracked him down by the corrupt practice they had abated Him on.

In other words, Zik's situation should tell the Igbo that Britain had designed the structure of Nigerian Government such that the Igbo will never rule. Harold Smith made it clare in an interview that the British government is under obligation never to give power to the Igbo people. You can understand this situation through the way issues of Aguiyi Ironsi's killing and cremation at Ibadan was shrouded by the British government merely as a reprisal coup effect. It was simply a message that Ironsi was Igbo, a fraction of the country that should never produce a president. The second factor is the civil war.

The Mystery of Naira and the Quest for Igbo Presidency

After the war, in 1970 and the recognition of the Gowan's declaration of no victory no vanquish, the country resumned a new structure. The first approach to briddle the Igbo was to seize all the money in their Nigerian bank account and also seizure of their companies and businesses in the major cities outside the Igbo land. This was followed by the prohibition of citing of industries and ports in any Igbo territory. Rivers and Akwa Ibom shared in this second secret law of reducing the Igbo height. When the ports in Rivers became affected, the rest of the Igbo sisters embacked on a huge repudiation of Igbo ancestry.

In 1973, when it became obvious to the Fulani elders that their biggest treath, the Igbo, have started expanding explosively and waxing strong economically in all the corners of the nation, the need for a national rebirth had to be considered. At least, this rebirth would bring the conquerred territories to a perpetual subjugation against their own will. This decision was taken during a meeting of the disguise nomenclature tagged, Northen elders in Sokoto. Later on, the relics was reiterated in Lagos. It was a need to have a new currency which should be called Naira and kobo.

You may ask what relationship the Nigerian currency has with the quest for Igbo presidency. You should know that currencies do not emerge ordinarily. Otherwise, countries colonized by others would be allowed to figure out their preferred currency before independence other than retaining the sovereignty of their colonizers. Now, for a country that has just survived a three year war, changing to a new currency was not the need of the hour. Britain did not object to this view because the purpose agreed to the British intention for the Igbo. Guess the meaning of Naira and kobo:

Naira: Never Allow Igbo To Rule Again.

Kobo: Kill OJUKWU before Others.

If you doubt the meanings above for the Nigerian currency, you may find time to see General Obasanjo. Obasanjo was the first president who had loved to give the Igbo a chance. He tried to break through, despite his multiple tour to England trying to make Britain understand the jeopardy the country is into for insisting upon this hard way. But Britain refused. He confinded in his closest Igbo friend who had led the delegation to his office on the issue of Igbo presidency and told him that Igbo have been marked never to be Allowed to rule for fear that they will divide the country if allowed. This is the sole plan of Britain. That is why, it doesn't matter how much the Igbo try or how many times they are slaughtered, as long as Nigeria remains the British toddler, the Igbo will never rule.

That was the situation, it doesn't matter whether you accept it or not; the deal has been reached and the line drawn which no Igbo man, it doesn't matter who, shall attend the level. Asked Obasanjo the reason he took Jonathan as Yar'adua's running mate. Jonathan was a subtitute for the Igbo and he was welcomed as long as he does not belong to the core. 

2023 Presidency  a Plot for Igbo/Yoruba Clash 

By all formation, every reasonable person should know that there might not be any election in 2023. Already, Nigerians have been clearly informed of a civil war, come 2022. If you listen to Melaifa's video you will hear all the plans of the Northern Fulani to overtake the southern parts unpreperedly. 

The second part of the plot has been going on since the beginning of this administration. Buhari led APC government had promised Tinubu the chance of 2023 presidency. Later on, in order to deceive the unnationalistic Igbo politicians, the Kaduna State governor flippantly yapped that the presidency should consider returning power to the south to make the Igbo feel belonging. This has made  those unpatriotic Igbo politicians to jump up for just a mere statement. 

Now, do you know what they intend by all these? They want to revert to the old Coat of Arm Conflict amidst Igbo and Yoruba, while they will mount on the nation's treasure to their own benefit. Vanity the scripture says. That is the best word to describe the Igbo quest for 2023 presidency. It was meant to be a diversion of attention and interest. And at the end the Fulani will achieve the usual European pattern of using the native to hunt the natives. It is unfortunate that these mere said words wilth less credibility is what is setting Igbo politicians against their own people. We need to reason properly, and the time to do so is now!!!!!!!

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