Buhari said “Through hard work, and by the special grace of God, we have weathered these storms”. What storm did you weather when under you, 20.93 million people became unemployed and your country became the world headquarters for extreme poverty? 

Buhari said “The economy has recovered from recession and we have had six quarters of growth since then.” That is technically not true. Our population continues to grow almost 3 times faster than economic growth. Poverty is inevitable under such conditions #Buhari2019BudgetLies We have done more work with less resources in agriculture”. Not true. More work than whom? According to the US Department of Agriculture, Nigeria now imports more food than under former President Goodluck Jonathan. We are billed two be the 2nd largest rice importer in the world next year. Google it. #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “We have made strenuous and successful efforts to overcome the insurgency in NE”. A blatant lie.

Nigeria fell in the Global Terrorism Index from #4 under GEJ to #3 this year. More soldiers died this year than at any other time eg, Metele  #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “The FG has been working in a unified and patriotic manner to tackle tension between herdsmen and farmers”. Blatant lie. 2018 has been the worst year of herdsmen killing in Nigeria’s history with over 3,000 killed and not one killer convicted #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “The FG has also sustained its efforts to fight grand corruption”. Another BIG lie. According to Transparency International, Nigeria is now more corrupt than at any time in its history and fell 12 places from 136 to 148 in the latest CPI #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “We recorded successes in economic management.” How can this be when in 2019 we simultaneously became world headquarters for extreme poverty, out of school kids & infant mortality? BillGates called Nigeria one of the worst places to be born #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “We have increased foreign exchange reserves from a low of $28.57B in May 2015 to $42.92B”.

Another lie. Buhari failed to tell you our debt doubled from ₦11 trillion under GEJ to ₦24 trillion today. You can’t increase reserve with debt #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “, Nigeria was spending $5 million dollars a day on rice importation. Today rice imports have virtually stopped” This is the biggest lie of all. Only a man without shame can lie like this. Read this exposé by yourself #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “In the railway sector, we completed and commissioned the Abuja-Kaduna Rail”. This is an unnecessary lie. Google it. That project was completed by the GEJ Government. What was outstanding in 2015 was importation of the trains from China #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari claimed the “construction of the Oju/Loko-Oweto bridge over River Benue” as his achievement. Fellow Nigerians, here is a picture of that bridge being constructed in 2013.

My question to Buhari is this-are you a time traveller sir? #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “In power, we are working on over 90 transmission projects across the country.” Notice he did not say Generation. He said ‘transmission’ (apologies to IGP Idris), because Buhari HAS NOT built even ONE power station. The last was built by GEJ #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “we are also looking at rolling out similar off grid solutions to Universities“. What an amazing lie. Never in the history of Nigeria has education been underfunded as today under Buhari. As you read this, both ASUU and ASUP are on strike #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “297,973 households in 26 states across the country are benefitting from the Conditional Cash Transfer program.” I don’t need to debunk this lie. If you know that President Buhari lied on this claim, simply retweet this and comment after #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “We are most encouraged by the improved performance of the economy”.

This shows Buhari is divorced from reality. In 2018, the World Economic Forum officially makes Nigeria the world headquarters of extreme poverty and he says this? #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “we have returned to the path of growth”. You yourself know that nothing is growing. 5 days ago, Buhari himself held a close door meeting with the 36 Governors and told them “things will get worse”. This is a deliberate lie to cover failure #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari said “we have since the 2016 Budget created a revenue line in the budget for stolen and recovered funds.” Another LIE. In July 2018 this govt claimed to share $330 million Abacha loot to the poor only to borrow $328 million from China in August #Buhari2019BudgetLies Buhari boasted of a “67 percent budget performance”.

Buhari said he targets “Real GDP growth of 3.01%”. What is on ground to justify this expectation? We did not even get 1.5% growth this year and the President told Governors “things will get worse”, so even he knows he is lying #Buhari2019BudgetLies Finally, Buhari should note that when he lies so blatantly to the Nigerian public, he can deceive some of the people some of the time but he can’t fool all of the people all of the time. Everything I have exposed can be verified via a Google search #Buhari2019BudgetLies. 


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