The greatest mistake I found upon ministers in Africa is in their inability to differentiate between colours in their discussion of the biblical stories, even those of the New Testament. So many questions the adherents of Christianity needed to ask but none dares asking any of these questions. We have never asked ourselves why Egypt eventually turned to be the American Hiroshima for God to test his venom. Check the whole scripture for all the places where Egypt is mentioned; check the reason for mentioning Egypt and you will see that it was for evil. There is however, but, one chapter (Isaiah 19) where Egypt does not signify evil. The reason is simple, there is a promise made in the beginning when the African fathers proved to God that they could not stay as gods without malice. There came a misunderstanding which its settlement led to a change of God’s plans for this earth. This change of plan led God to creating an-earthly-product-man personified as Adama. And God changed his focus to the created man. Read the scripture below,
… And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth (Gen 1:26)
Consider the part of the excerpt that is highlighted. This part is forbidden for Africans. Unfortunately, when preachers preach this section of the bible, because of their intentions to extort money from their followers; they say that their followers are the people to whom the promise goes. No doubt, it is true, but half ways. The dominions of Africans are within themselves; it is not outside the continent. You will doubt this bus I will clear your doubt below.

(1) Historically:
Africans believe they have no history. All that an African could tell of himself lies on what the westerners had told about him. What Amos bemusedly painted in The Palm Wine Drunkard proves that Africa found existence only when she encountered the White race. Do you doubt it? Nubia was earlier in her civilization but the name Nubia today is dominated by Arabs. Ethiopia and Egypt face the same situation as Nubia. South Africa could not conquer the Whites until they were dominated by the white. The whole nations of the powerful ancient Akan were though glorious; they became more glorious with the domination of the Europeans.  Think of the countries around the Niger-Benue Rivers before the Jihadists attention and the Europeans inversion of the 1800s. Have you asked yourself why both invaders could not fight themselves? It is because they share affinity; for the Fulani who came from Fouta Djillon were migrants of the Arab race from Assyria. Our historical dominion is only within Igbo/Ijaw, Ife/Benin, Jukun/Ida, Aro/Ibibio; we are busy fighting ourselves while the reapers are harvesting us.
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I met the biggest shock in my research on the place the Garden of Eden. You will be surprise to hear that researchers found what they referred to as Rader Water which traces the parts of four rivers lost to the sand of time, and because one of the rivers obviously shows traces to South Africa where there is gold, bdellium and onyx, Hurtak and his team of researchers claimed ignorant of the river’s destination. They did not want to mention that they had found Pision. Again, because the bible mentioned Ethiopia as the abode of another river, the suggestion turned immediately to be that there were two Ethiopian nations: one in Africa and another in the old Babylon. As a result, the Ethiopia mentioned must be that in Assyria.      

(2) Literature:  
If we talk of popularity in the production of literature globally, Nigeria would never been left out. The greatest writer I could recall is though Shakespeare; but mush greater success was seen in the different form, style, language, analogy and dexterity of incomparable story telling wit found in Achebe. In the world round, no man had had his one piece gaining translation attention of languages up to ten. But Achebe’s piece gained the attentions of over 53 languages. Now, has Achebe dominated the glob like Shakespeare? The answer is no! You could not imagine that the Irish James Joyce is more popular than Wole Soyinka, even when he did not win any laureate award. Ask anybody globally, the preference held for Langston Hughes carries more weight than that of any Africa born novelist.

(3) Technology:
Not too sure, but I am aware that the genesis of synchronizing computer for interconnected functions and sharing began originally with the attempts of Philip Emeagwali. This was the fundamental beginning of what we have today as internet. Today, his name is not even remembered in the discussion of the emergence of the internet. Check the Wikipedia records for what we have today as internet. Philip took the costliest decision the very moment he chose to be born on the African soil. Were he a black American, it would have been accommodated in the global record to the glory of America. To make sure he does not proceed further, he had been locked up in one hopeless university to teach the Whites from the bulk of his knowledge. Accept it or leave it, There is something wrong with Africa. Genesis chapter one tells you the truth.  

(4) Football:
I shuddered the day J. J. Okocha played his final match to end his career as a footballer. The statement made by the Brazilian coach should teach Africans that they are a set of different people. The coach suddenly forgot himself, standing before the press, he said, “The performance of J.J. Okocha proves him the master of football. Were Okocha a westerner he would have won the world best”. We may defend this with the fact that Okocha had never emerged as the highest goal scorer. That is very true; but what would such detractor say about Zidane whom the orchestrated plan to rob him of his position as the world best was flippantly demonstrated via racial prejudice and at the end the punishment was to deny him of his position as the world best. Were he of any western block, the person who insulted his race would have been punished and his matter would be judged based on the number of goal which he clearly scored. Has C. Ronaldo not been found in one mess or the other? Why has it not cost him his position for that year? The reason is that he belongs to the dominion race.

There are many other things that show this dominion power given to the white race. Return to that excerpt again and you will see that you are equally included in the objects to be dominated. It says, … over all the earth… human and natural resources inclusive. Now would you question God for giving dominion powers to them? What will you say then when you read Romans 8:18-20 to discover that the same God subjected the creatures to wait until the manifestation of the Black Race? Unfortunately we are manifesting by enriching ourselves from the poor around us; not the other way round. The Whites who brought the gospel to Africa were the sponsors of the mission works in Africa. Today, Africans exploit poor fellow natives for mere competition among churches while the soul to be won are given less concern.

I want to see the day a general overseer in Africa will send cloths to all his churches in the hinterland to cover his members’ nakedness or give his members free admission to his university. Members starve to put those things in place, after that they are distanced from them. Our mentality is bad. Islam is murder inclined because the hateful blood of Hagar, the Egyptian who was repulsively ejected after she was recommended to quell the barrenness of Sarah. We need to know the truth so we could be freed from the quagmire that had entrapped us because our fathers missed their onions.     


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