"Go Cleanse your Land of the Igbo Blood Spilled on It," Onyeji Nnaji Blasted Yoruba IgboExit Protesters

The prolific Igbo researcher, historian and language analyst, Onyeji Nnaji, has today in an interview with ajuede.com replied the Yoruba IgboExit Protesters. The researcher told the Yoruba protesters that the Igbo are not their problem; rather they should go cleanse their land of the Igbo Blood that were spilled on them.

In his words which cited different Yoruba lands where the blood of Igbo people were spilled, he said,

"The reason why people misconstrue my view of the Igbo being gods is because they have not and are not prepared to know history beyond their noses. In the Igbo tradition, it is abominable to kill fellow human; and it is unthinkably atrocious and unbearable when one kills his own relative. Over these two kinds of people, the Igbo always say, 'Obara ya di gi n' isi', meaning that the blood of the death is on your head. Yoruba may not have known this tradition.

There is a community in Ondo East Local Government Area of Ondo State called 'Kolawole'. This community, today, is occupied by Nsukka indigenous of the Igbo extraction. Asking the reason why Nsukka people are occupying this land directly means you want to have fuller information about the land and the name it bears. That invariably is a direct route towards unveiling the history of the land.

Years before the intrusion, there use to be an Nsukka man who worked for a Yoruba man in that community. The man tended his cocoa farm for years without any stipend. Because he would not want to pay the man for his labour, he used means to confuse the man and made him delusive and he lost every sense of homecoming. He lived with the man and laboured without pay.

Because Nsukka is not an easy-going place, the relatives of the man consulted their chi, requesting that their brother should come home. It walked; the man suddenly gained consciousness and insisted that he was going home. Amazing to his master and he finally asked him to go. When the man returned, his people asked for what he had laboured for all these years and he had nothing to show for it. They were furious. So, they sent him back with heavy instruction on the payment.

The man finally arrived Kolawole and related to his 'Shilock master' his intention. He felt excruciatingly bad. For a recompense, he killed the man in one of the nights as he waited for his laboured wages. When his people looked for him and could not see him, they consulted their chi and it was revealed that he was murdered by his master. They conjured the spirit of the man and set him in rage for revenge. The man's spirit killed close to half of the community's population, while the rest ran away from the land. So they renamed the land thus, 'Kolawole'.

The same situation took place in Akure. Akure's case was very heartbreaking. The richest Igbo man in Akure was murdered in the 60s by the boys of Akure and his wealth divided among them. Before the man died, he placed a curse on the indigenous members of the land that they will never be fruitful with the work of their hands. So it was until 2010 when the present generation called for the cleansing of Akure. They pleaded with God and the spirit of the dead man to forgive their fathers.

The same situation is prevalent in Lagos. Lagosians  hardly survive in Lagos except in politics and Agbero. They sold their land to wealthy Igbos and look for ways to murder them in order to reclaim the land. Where they could not kill them, they set their business ablaze in the middle of the night. This latter approach was what Lagos State Government used and still uses to displace the Igbo after they lend their sweat in developing any part of Lagos. It was so in Yaba complex. Lagos government did not know how to displace the Igbos at Yaba complex. What they did was to arrange for for fire. Just one night, Yaba complex was raised down with people's wealth in flame. God must judge the Yoruba over their wickedness against the Igbo. Listen to the telephone conversation and hear what two governors from the north and Oyo State were planning against the Igbo business men in Kano and Lagos.

Tell Yoruba that Igbo are not their problem. Their problem is in their unreliable and deceitful lifestyle; laziness and indolent to use their God-given power."

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