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Lots of complications abound in the treatment of marriage. Some of these complications make the victim usually dumbfounded but the latest discovery is that some of these have been responsible for some malfunctions in our different families. Yes, many of them are unbelievable mainly because they are discovered to be spoken by the adherents of one religion or the other. The resent discovering made by NEMAC made us to leave all our clients with one important advice. The advice has been that one should try to reflect on his/her past and check whether there is still an old debt yet to be settled. Through many of the families and intending couples we have attended to, the discovering made was that they had one commitment or the other which they have not given attention to. The same had turned around to hunt there relationship. Many a time we ignore some of these. Our discovering shows that many of them cannot be swept under the carpet. About these, I will treat spiritual spouse in this chapter.

During my days in school I read The Concubineby Elechi Amadi but little did I know that such condition obtains in the real setting. I took it to be one of the moonlight tells of my early childhood education. It never occurred to me that a human being with flesh and blood can be a spouse of a spiritual being. How this could seem was what made me never to believe it. But presently I can attest to some characteristics that sound so convincing to any one around that spiritual spouse is a reality. And, in order to protect and preserve our union and relationship, it pleases me that I make my discovering known to liberate many others who may be under the torture of this circumstance. If you do not believe it I may not blame you because you may not have seen any, just like I did in the past. To make my point very simple, there is a thing like spiritual spouse. But it is a manipulation of demons.
One of my clients was found in this terrible condition. She had been engaged for over seven yeas. Day after day as the engagement continues to grow, the two parties have had scored of problems which none of them could tell exactly where the problem had been sourced. We were made to understand the cause of these problems after our investigation of her body system. And I think it will be better to hear her direct.

“I had never sensed anything taking place in my body system all through my days in secondary school until when I secured admission into Ebonyi State University for a one year Pre Degree program. After my pre degree I was given admission to study Banking and Finance. But in my PD days I had one boy whom I have maintained till the day we left the university. It was in my second year that I began to realize some changes in my body system. One night I had a long dream where I had sex with a strange man. The following morning I discovered some discharge around my laps.
            This first experience happened during my ovulation period, so I took it to be the usual discharge as a woman. Little did I know that I was walking into a life unknown to me. Few weeks later I began to have another set of dreams. This time it was not sex, I rather saw myself becoming a nursing mother with a child in the dream. The first day I had this dream I did not feel any sense of nervousness as I thought it was in consonance with my anticipation of becoming a prospective mother any day. This has been the wishes of every girl. It only gave me worries when I went to the bathing room to take my bathe that morning. To my greatest amazement, I saw milk dripping from my nipple like what could be seen of a suckling mother. My nipple came out as though I was about to see my menses but my breast was as normal as the usual size.
            To save myself the shame, I refuse to tell anybody. For that very first period it lasted for about three weeks before my nipple became normal again. I could not predict the way friends would feel about it, so I did not let anyone know about it. The third time I experienced the suckling again a friend was in my room. That morning I forgot to check myself on time. When she saw milk dripping from my breast and my nipple swollen as usual she too was amazed that she had to ask me what was going on. That was the genesis of my problem. To be frank, I see this man often in my dreams but he had never threatened to do me or my husband anything, it is just that since my marriage there had been problems now and then.”

I don’t know how you feel haven heard this? I felt shocked when I heard her direct from the mouth. From what I know, people normally have wet dreams for men, and both gender do often times have sex in dreams which had been interpreted to mean so many things. I have taken dreams to mean the content of one’s obsession. As a Christian I know that having sex with another man is not good, let alone having it in dreams with a strange person. But in this regard (as it concerns sex) I had thought it is a revelation to inform the concerned person that he is no longer on the mark, for Christians. Each religion has different interpretations assigned to dreams, that is not our care hear but how to survive the situation when it sets on us.

This is not point enough for one to back out of a relationship in any case one is confronted by it. The solution is not found in separation. It is demon that is manipulating the person. All the partners are required to do is to seek for a spirit-filled man of God who will speak to the demon and cast it away. The case with the lady above was too complicated because of the religious society she belonged to. They are both Witnesses. So they appeared not to believe on the efficacy of any man of God praying for them. Their religion did not believe in praying for someone. Her explanation above is one typical example of the manifestation of spiritual spouse.
Another incident occurred somewhere. A woman was pregnant for her husband. One evening she was with her husband discussing in the sitting room when suddenly a man emerged from the door way without the door gliding. She alone saw the man walking towards her and she screamed helplessly. While on the bed that night she saw the same man in her dream coming towards her. He recounted the very evening incidence, he told her that he came to her physically and she rejected him, doesn’t she know that he is her real husband? The next morning the woman found her pregnancy missing. I don’t know what we may attribute this one to. If the woman had seen dreams first, someone might say she was hallucinating. Many more examples abide, all expressing the same line of thought. I believe this situation can be handled. But the partner should assist the other.
Now, from the information I gathered from the Delta lady whose expression we read above, I was able to understand that we are the cause of some of these problems. The dominant ills she could found around herself which she thought were responsible for her case were the things she received from people. The problem we have generally as women is this problem of dependence. An average girt, especially students believes that she cannot survive only by the little amount the parents give to her. This condition had bred so many curses among girls. Girls have many sex partners, many a time not just for the fun of it but to gratify the luxurious desire in her for materialism. And who can tell the spiritual status of those people they sleep with. Many of them are ocultic men while some are politicians. Coming together with this kind of men can hardly be as free as we normally think. Look at what Saint Paul said:

What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh. 1 Cor 6:16.

Sex is a union we cannot ordinarily explain to meet the debt of God’s intention for it. It is a symbol of unity, and it is meant for one set of people. A deviation from this boundary invariably places the couple vulnerable to any eventuality.
Spiritual spouse is not only limited to women, men too could have wives in the spirit world. Sex is the only willing activity that involves one’s body and spirit. I believe that men are prone to this situation most but because they are usually personal, it has been too difficult for people to understand. Many of the beautiful girls they pick from streets and campuses are not truly human beings. Sharing a union with such devil incarnates could lead to having spiritual spouse.
The manifestation of some feature characterized some people that had these spouses. Greater number of them are misogamists. Many girls in this condition normally have records of broken engagements. They engage one person today and tomorrow they disengage. Check the life and an activity of such a person, a husband is somewhere manipulating her actions, even against her will. Greater number of them, both male and female have the problem of dissatisfaction from their physical partners. They hardly feel relaxed with their partners as couples. Some time they may be happy for each other but each time they have sex hatred for the other will come immediately. In some cases quarrels brake up at the time close to ovulation. The reason for this is to see that they avoid each other while the woman will be having sex in the spirit world, conceive and give birth to children. Such a person is under bondage, and except she is delivered, she may be childless all through her life time.    
Some spirit husbands are harsh to the physical spouse of their women just as the case in The Concubine reveals. They make the woman attractive, industrious and resourceful while their husbands suffer difficulties and wants. Some spiritual husbands fail to tolerate their physical opponents. This condition had led to the death of some men and med their wives widows. They hunt their physical opponents at the time more staking. Two tragic events I know were as a result of this problem. The tragedy befell the couples a day prior to their weddings. The husbands died living the girls alone. There is one that happened recently. The prospective couple was to wed each other in few week times after their return from UK where they went to purchase the wedding materials. One night the man had a dream where he was confronted by a strange man. In the dream the man warned him to step away from his wife, threatening to deal with the man if he dared not end the relationship. To prove what he meant to the man, he struck the man on his right leg and he screened from dream to the physical realm. The next morning the very leg swelled and gave the man a severe pain. To save his head he had to end the relationship right there and then.
We don’t handle this situation in the traditional way. If you do you may not be successful at the end. What to do is just to take the person to a place where he can be delivered. I have said earlier that the solution is not on separating or ending the relationship. Just see to what you can do to help him or her. When you have arrested the situation then you can come back to re consolidate your love and build yourselves towards endless honeymoon.   

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