Mr Hancock Opposes Compulsory Covid-19 Vaccine on Balacks

A few months ago, the world stood aghast as French political figures demanded testing of COVID-19 vaccines on the Francophone colonies in Africa.  This rhetoric was quickly retracted, and rightly so, due to public outrage.
FAST FORWARD a few months and the it's apparent that the UK government has been on an agenda to do exactly the same thing, under the guise of 'protecting the vulnerable' Black and Minority groups in the UK.  
Mr Hancock has stated:
"As we learn more about the virus, we will continue to take into account which groups may be particularly vulnerable including those for example, from ethnic minority backgrounds.
"So we can protect the most at risk first should a vaccine become available, and get this country back on its feet as soon as we possibly can."
He went on to state that the government's approach to vaccines is to 'throw everything at it as fast as we can.'   - This is particularly worrisome.
There is a distinctive feeling that the government is interpreting very complex data in a very simplistic manner.  We do not believe the evidence is conclusive that race plays a factor in the severity of COVID19 symptons in patients.
It is important to consider that there is more genetic diversity within the indigenous groups of Nigeria, than their is in ALL of Europe.  Considering that factor alone, to lazily attribute the arbitrary label of 'black'onto something as complex as disease transmission and response seems contrived to say the least.
We believe that the government has been peddling the reckless message of Black people dying at a higher rate without any consideration for the implications of broadcasting Black and Minority genetic inferiority. This has been happening with total impunity over the past 2 months, under the guise of innocuously disclosing medical research.  It is becoming apparent that the reason might be more sinister than simply clumsy.  The COVID19 vaccines being trialled are largely RNA vaccines, that alter the DNA of the host - this is an additional concern.  Many people are unaware that they are not traditional vaccines and are still very experimental.   This raises concerns about how quickly this vaccine is being developed.  A normal vaccine takes 4 years of development including the trial period.  This vaccine has been in development literally 1/12th of that time-frame.  In spite of whatever reassurances the government want to give, the first people to receive these vaccines will effectively be trialling them for the wider population. 
We are not satisfied with the interpretation of the current data being conclusive indicator that the reason BAME communities are dying at a greater rate is evidence that we are responding worse to the virus.  That is lazy and pseudo scientific.  There is substantial evidence that the BAME communities have suffered from worse healthcare conditions in the UK and substandard levels of care for years now.  It is a fact that black women are 40% more likely to die in hospital during child birth, largely due to medical negligence, yet no such initiative to address this has been launched.  Black men also contract Pneumonia and other such diseases in hospitals at a much higher rate also, once again due to a substandard level of care.  These factors are not biological and pose important questions to the current rhetoric being used by the government to justify this 'classification'.  In many ways its similar to using conviction rates to justify stop and search, when evidently one system is feeding the other. 
These data disparities  need to be subjected to robust ethnographic, economic, medical historical, demographic, situational or medical practise related inquiry before race is peddled as THE causative factor for this disparity.  We believe since the advent of COVID-19 this government has ridden roughshod over years of medical standards and human rights in favour of utilising sensationalist headlines to push through agendas that are questionable and concerning.  

Let us send this message to Mr Hancock LOUD and CLEAR. 
We DO NOT agree that we are MOST AT RISK.  The biological argument is far from conclusive.
We wish to be removed from the 'highly vulnerable' list until this data is subjected to a full independent study, including all the possible contributing factors mentioned above.
We will do not accept a racial 'roll-out' of this vaccine.  Race is not a basis for distribution.  We don't want it or accept it.
We want ALL references to RACIAL discrimination of this virus to be thoroughly examined against ETHNOGRAPHIC, ECONOMIC and MEDICAL PRACTISE data before these 'statistics' are further published as a conclusive basis that Blacks and Ethnic minorities should be vaccinated first.

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