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Dave Umahi Has been After my Life for Defending IPOB in the Court - A Lawyer Cried out

My Life Is In Danger; There Have Been Attempts To Kill Me For Representing IPOB –Lawyer Writes Nnamdi Kanu’s Special Counsel, Ejimakor

The legal practitioner said there had been several threats and attempts on his life and family by the Ebonyi State government, Nigeria Police Force and other state agencies.


A lawyer based in Abakaliki, the Ebonyi State capital, in Southeast Nigeria, Barrister Cyril N. Orogwu, has written a letter to Barrister Aloy Ejimakor, special counsel for the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, saying his life is in serious danger for representing IPOB.


Orogwu in the letter addressed to Ejimakor, dated April 4, 2023 and titled ‘Request for Urgent Intervention to Save My Soul’, said he had been in hiding with his family for almost two years as his life had been under serious threat.


In the letter obtained by SaharaReporters on Sunday, the legal practitioner said there had been several threats and attempts on his life and family by the Ebonyi State government, Nigeria Police Force and other state agencies.


According to him, he and his wife were incarcerated which caused his wife to have a miscarriage while his father died as he could not bear the trauma of the threats and assassination attempts.


The letter which he personally signed read, “I am Cyril N. Orogwu Esq.; a Legal Practitioner based in Abakaliki in the Law Firm of Chief Kanu B. Okpaleke (of the blessed memory) and I write you:


“That after I was attacked by the Nigerian Joint Security Force in 2019 along Oguzoronweya Primary School, Ugbodo in Ebonyi Local Government Area, Ebonyi State with my vehicle raided with live bullets beyond repair, and was arrested and incarcerated at the then F-SARS custody Abakaliki Police Command alongside my wife which resulted in my wife losing her three months pregnancy through miscarriage and my being hospitalized for two months upon my eventual release from the said incarceration, my life has been under serious threat since then till date, despite several unsuccessful attempts that they made to eliminate me while I was in the hospital.


“My father could not stand the trauma of the attacks and/or deadly threats meted out to me in this regard and consequently gave up the ghost on 4th August, 2020 due to High Blood Pressure.


“Further to the forgoing, after receiving a deadly threat from the men of the Nigerian Police Force, particularly from the SWATT Department, Abakaliki in 2021 which said threat took place inside Ebonyi State High Court premises, Abakaliki, wherein the said Police Officers threatened to shoot me if I did not stop appearing as counsel in the IPOB cases I was doing then, coupled also with several threats and sometimes attempts to induce me by the Ebonyi State Government through the instrumentalities of the Ebonyi State Chairman of Okada Riders Association and others from whom I heard that the Governor said he would deal with me if I didn’t remove my hand from the said IPOB cases.


“My house at Abakaliki capital city was raided with live bullets by the men of the Nigerian Joint Security Operatives including the then Ebubeagu Security Outfit when I ignored the said threats. How I escaped the attack in my house is still a mystery till date; because, many people still believe that I had died.


“My said raided house is still under serious surveillance, including my law firm (Chief Kanu B. Okpaleke & Co) in search of me. This forced me into hiding with my family, as none of my family members is safe any longer, including my humble self.


“For the past twenty-two months (i.e. one year and ten months) I have been in hiding. However, my younger brother (David Orogwu, aged 17) was tracked and abducted at Presco Campus in February this year where he was in a lecture hall and was dehumanized, incarcerated and detained for over two days.


“Many allegations were cooked up against him by the Police but when they discovered that he was under-aged, he was then compelled through torture to lead them to my hideout which worked out. The Officers were led to my said hideout but fortunately for me, I was not around when they came on 8/2/2023 at about 0400 hours.



“But the Officers saw my immediate younger brother (Solomon Orogwu) and apprehended him. My said younger brother has since 8th February, 2023 been kept in police custody up till now without trial.


“Sir, as it stands today, I have escaped several assassination attempts on my life (and still counting) as I am even writing from my hiding place right now. Consequently, I am homeless, with my family.


“I have remained in hiding with my family for almost two years now. Assuming these men were looking for me for arrest for my having committed any crime known to law, I would have honourably submitted myself to them because, to the best of my knowledge, I have committed no crime by doing my job as a lawyer.


“But their mission is to secretly terminate my life. I humbly crave your official indulgence to intervene and spare my life and save my family. I beg to remain.”


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